Substance 3D: Updated Sampler content and 3D Assets

Image created using Substance 3D content.

2024 is already off to a great start for Adobe Substance 3D. Following on from our big December releases of Modeler and Designer, we’re excited to release the latest version of Sampler featuring new and updated content, new generators, and updates to filters. Substance 3D Assets has also added new 3D models, and we’re fast approaching a new year of events where you’ll be able to catch up in person with the latest and greatest in the Substance 3D Collection.

Let’s take a closer look at this month’s Substance 3D news.

Substance Sampler 4.3

Image created using Substance Sampler 4.3

Last week’s release of Substance Sampler brings a range of new and updated content across multiple aspects of the application. First up, you’ll find a new type of parametric texture generators in the Assets menu. These new generators work just like a 2D image in Sampler and can be used anywhere as an image input. Unlike imported images, these generates include a parameter menu that can be used to fine tune as you create just the look you need for your material. A revamp of Starter Assets materials in Sampler will make it easier than ever to create photorealistic and stylized materials a range of design industries, and new filter tools as well as updates to existing filters will help you get great looking results faster than ever.

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New parametric texture generators

Image created using new parametric texture generators.

With the new texture generators, Sampler gives designers more creative choices with using parametric noises, patterns and grunge options. This comes with advanced control over the output of each generator that can be used in masks or channels maps. This helps establish a great balance between technical and creative design when crafting materials.

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Updated material assets

Image created using updated material assests.

The updated material content in Sampler has been redesigned to better meet the needs of industrial designers, fashion designers, and texture artists working in games and visual effects. There are now additional high-quality materials that are perfect for physical product design visualization workflows and regardless of what they are creating, designers now have more control over the technical aspects of creating textures.

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New and improved filter tools

Image created using new and improved filter tools.

The filter tools have also been optimized to be faster and offer an improved user experience. There is also a new Perspective Crop tool that significantly enhances the tiling workflow in Sampler. Distorted materials can now be cropped by adjusting four control points. With the crop applied and the texture can now be tiled with reduced distortions. Finally, the Embroidery filter has been updated to enhance precision and now supports up to 8 colors and reintroduced material inputs in the layer stack to add fabric inserts in your embroidery designs.

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Meeting your needs with Substance 3D Assets

Image created using Substance 3D assets.

Substance 3D Assets is a library of over 18,000 high quality 3D assets exclusively available as part of the Substance 3D Collection. These are professionally produced high-quality 3D assets that can be used in 3D projects across all types of design industries.

To keep up with your ever-expanding creativity, we regularly update our 3D Asserts model library. In January, 90+ new 3D models have been introduced based on user feedback — covering ships, space, art, and plants — all designed to address specific requests and complement existing asset collections. Explore the new models in 3D Assets and elevate every project with high-quality, models, IBLs, and materials from Substance 3D Assets.

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Substance Days coming to GDC

Substance Days at GDC March 18.

Substance 3D is excited to be back at GDC 2024, March 18-22 in San Francisco. There is a lot to see including Substance Days, presentations from industry experts and meet the Substance 3D experts.

If you're able to visit the Adobe booth, you’ll find exclusive and technical demos, tips from our demo artists, private meetings with the team, gorgeous goodies, and much more. You’ll also have the opportunity to present your work to one of our artists for a portfolio review. And as always, you hear some exciting news about the Substance 3D apps and mix with others in the Substance Community.

We'll also be hosting our Substance 3D after-party for you to party the night away with the Substance 3D team. Registration is required and spaces are limited.

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