Substance 3D: October Release News

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With 2023 quickly coming to an end, let's take a moment to recap some of the amazing new creative features that we released this year across the Substance 3D Collection in case you missed them.

Adobe Max Sneaks

Image of Adobe MAX stage Inspiration Keynote

Adobe MAX was back in person and virtually in October. Designers, illustrators, photographers, and video pros gathered in Los Angeles and online to get inspired, learn new skills, and connect with other creatives. Substance 3D was there with sessions, labs, and in-depth training.

Check out some of the on-demand 3D sessions.

A highlight of every Adobe Max is MAX Sneaks, where Adobe engineers give a first look at potential future technologies which may or may not make it into upcoming versions of the Adobe products.

One of the most popular Sneaks demonstrated a technology named Project Neo from the 3D team at Adobe.

Project Neo

Image created using Project Neo.

Project Neo brings true 3D to vector and isometric designs. Shown for the first time at MAX Sneaks, it uses 3D to easily craft icons, drawings, and shapes with advanced creative control. Project Neo offers intuitive controls that allow designers to turn and tweak geometric shapes to create views and lighting fluidly and then send the result to Adobe Illustrator as vector designs.

Watch the Project Neo Sneak

In case you missed it…

Image created using Substance 3D Sampler.

We’ve also rolled out numerous new features that focused on boosting creativity and productivity for anyone creating photorealistic 3D content.

Here are just a few of the tools that we released — If you haven't looked at them yet, now's a great time to do so starting with Substance 3D Sampler.

New 3D capture

Image created using Advanced 3D Capture.

At the beginning of the year, 3D capture was introduced into Sampler. Now in addition to creating materials and lights from photos and scans, you can create 3D models from real-world sources with powerful and efficient photogrammetry on Mac and PC. All you need to get started is a series of photos from all sides of an object and then drag and drop them into Sampler. It will then calculate a point cloud and reconstruct matching geometry to generate a textured 3D model. This makes it quick and easy to create 3D models with Sampler.

Learn about Advanced 3D Capture

Improved Embroidery

Image created using the Embroidery filter in Sampler.

The Embroidery filter in Sampler has been updated to make it even easier to turn vector or image files into realistic embroidered patches. This filter can produce outstanding results quickly – making it a timesaver and a lot of fun. You can customize your patches appearance in terms of color and combine multiple stitching technics.

Learn about the updated embroidery filter in Sampler

New Paint Warp

Image created using the Paint Warp filter in Sampler.

The Paint Warp filter in Sampler, gives you powerful new ways to warp materials by drawing curves on the 2D view. The results provide an organically curved result with the Straighten option, enabling you to realign materials for an easy seamless tiling workflow.

Learn about Paint Warp in Sampler

New Path tool in Substance 3D Painter

The Path tool in Painter allows you to create 3D curves on the surface of a mesh, making it easy to place detailing such as stitching, weld lines, or puckering on 3D models. The Path tool provides a familiar, intuitive way to create vector paths directly on 3D models using paint layers or effects. And true to Painter’s non-destructive workflow, brush properties and path points remain modifiable at any time throughout the design process, and paths can be mirrored with Painter’s Symmetry tool.

Learn more about the Path tool in Painter

Splines in Substance 3D Designer

The addition of Spline nodes in Designer lets you draw, edit, and assemble precise curved lines as part of the material creation process. It’s no longer necessary to send base shapes through 2D transforms and warps to create specific profiles! This gives you a wide range of new possibilities: for instance, you can map your curves to a path, allowing you to create details such as pipes and cables as part of your material, or use depth data to cause your curves to twist around one another, or even splatter additional shapes along your curve. The Spline nodes let you determine the shape of your curves via a set of points, providing you with absolute control over their final shape, and curves created in this way remain editable after creation. This collection also includes a new set of Path nodes that enable you to convert any pattern within a greyscale image into precise curves.

Learn more about Splines in Designer

Maxon & Substance 3D bundle — better together!

Image created for Maxon One and the Substance 3D Collection.

Artwork by Peter Tarka.

It’s never been easier to supercharge your 3D pipeline with the power of Maxon One and the Substance 3D Collection — and for the first time they are available together at a great price. Maxon One provides a suite of creative tools, including Cinema 4D, Forger, Red Giant, Redshift, Universe, and ZBrush, along with the growing collection of Capsules assets. Adobe Substance 3D empowers artists with tools like Painter, Sampler, 3D Assets, Designer, Stager, and Modeler. Combining these industry-leading software packages can streamline workflows, enhances productivity, and make it even easier to create stunning visuals and immersive experiences.

Check it out at!