Western Sydney University leads the way as the first Adobe Creative Campus University in New South Wales

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In an era marked by rapid digital transformation, Western Sydney University is leaving no stone unturned to ensure its students and staff are prepared to navigate the evolving digital landscape.

The university has proudly announced its status as the first Adobe Creative Campus University in New South Wales, showcasing a deepened partnership with Adobe that aims to foster digital literacy skills crucial for success in today's dynamic world.

Quote from Professor Maryanne Dever, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President, Education at Western Sydney University: "Building digital skills in our students and graduates has never been more important."

Evolution of learning and work

While many brands are still adapting to the new ways of learning and working ushered in by the pandemic, some, like Western Sydney University, are already embracing the new normal.

The digital literacy requirements for students, graduates, and staff have seen a swift evolution in recent years. In response to the global changes in study and work-life, the university has embraced a forward-looking approach by strengthening its collaboration with Adobe to best train its students and staff.

Professor Maryanne Dever, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President, Education, points that being the first Adobe Creative Campus in the state highlights the University’s commitment to student success and digital literacy.

“Building digital skills in our students and graduates has never been more important and so we’re excited to announce Western Sydney University is an Adobe Creative Campus partner. This partnership will enable us to continue to pioneer seamless learning experiences, micro credentials and programs that are characterised by innovation and co-created with students, industry, and community partners,” says Professor Dever.

Digital transformation and future-focused learning

By becoming an Adobe Creative Campus, Western Sydney University is not only scaling its digital transformation but also enhancing graduate employability and promoting future-focused learning outcomes. This strategic partnership enables the university to adapt to the shifting digital landscape and meet the diverse and evolving needs of students now and into the future.

As part of this collaboration, Western Sydney University provides broad access to the Adobe Creative Cloud digital ecosystem, empowering educators, schools, institutes, and students across the community. The industry-leading tools in Adobe Creative Cloud encourage distinctive teaching methods, fostering a culture of innovative, continuous improvement in the learning environment.

The access allows everyone to tap into Creative Cloud solutions, fostering problem-solving, knowledge-sharing, and creative expression. This platform serves as a comprehensive digital makerspace, allowing students to take control of their learning and success.

Equitable access and inclusivity

The university's commitment to equitable access and inclusivity aligns with its core principle of delivering transformative education and student experiences.

" The new partnership will extend our capability to equip students and staff with the digital skills to thrive, and we look forward to joining the broader Adobe Creative Campus network”, says Professor Dever.

Adobe has been instrumental in supporting Western Syndey University during the transition to hybrid learning environments. As education becomes increasingly borderless, Adobe remains committed to empowering institutions like Western Syndey University to navigate the challenges of learning and working in a digital age.

Western Sydney University’s collaboration with Adobe is a testament to its dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and equipping its community for success in an ever-evolving digital landscape. This partnership not only transforms the learning experience but also positions the university as a pioneer in shaping the future of education.

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