Charting the future of creativity and AI at MAX London

Adobe MAX.

Today at Adobe MAX London, broadcasting live to creators and marketers around the world, we unveiled the latest in new generative AI features including the latest version of Adobe Firefly with Firefly Image 3 Model which delivers incredible advancements to Firefly’s foundational image model, a new Adobe Photoshop beta to bring enhanced generative AI capabilities and features for unprecedented levels of creative control, and an all-new Adobe Express mobile app powered by Firefly generative AI, empowering everyone to create standout content on-the-go.

As every creator and business around the world is focused on building their brand and engaging with their audiences through standout content, these updates give more innovation and control to creators of all types — built right into creative workflows that you use every day, removing the blank page and bringing new superpowers and levels of creative control to users.

Breakthrough AI innovations across Creative Cloud

Firefly Image 3

We announced Adobe Firefly just over a year ago, and your response has blown us away — with 7B+ generations and counting. Today we introduced the next major release in Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models, Firefly Image 3, which is now supports capabilities in Photoshop and will supercharge Generative Fill and Generative Expand capabilities, bringing ideation and creation closer together than ever before and delivering massive advancements in image quality. With Firefly Image 3, we're advancing the state of the art for AI image generation, empowering customers with new tools that bring new levels of creative expression and control to all.

The new Adobe Firefly Image 3 Model — available as of today in beta in the Firefly web app, Adobe Photoshop, and in Adobe InDesign — brings new levels of creative expression and control to all.


In Photoshop, we’re releasing new features like Generate Image to shorten the distance between the blank page and amazing results so people at every skill level have the tools they need to jumpstart their creativity. Also announced in Photoshop is a greatly improved Generative Fill experience, powered by the latest Firefly Image 3 Model, and a suite of new generative AI features and expanded controls that empower you to create higher quality outputs and results, much more easily. Additionally, we’re bringing improvement to core workflows to complement and expand your creative process.

Screenshot showing how to use the Generate Image feature in Photoshop.

Adobe Express

In addition, the Adobe Express mobile app is now available to all users across web and mobile, putting Firefly directly into the hands of millions of content creators wherever they are. The Adobe Express mobile app transforms mobile workflows, bringing the magic of Firefly generative AI from desktop to mobile via a dedicated app. With the power and precision of Adobe’s industry-leading photo, design, video, generative AI, and into an all-in-one content editor, the Adobe Express mobile app gives everyone the ability to produce the highest quality content, from the convenience of their mobile devices. Millions of users around the world are turning to Adobe Express to create more content than ever before – more than doubling the number of creations made in just the last year.

“With the latest Photoshop beta and new Firefly Image 3, we’re bringing breakthrough AI innovations directly into app workflows across web and mobile, putting more creative control into the hands of creators whenever and wherever they need it.”

David Wadhwani, president, Digital Media Business, Adobe

Opportunities for enterprises

Last month at Adobe Summit we released the latest edition of Creative Cloud for Enterprise includes increased Firefly credits and the general availability of new innovations including Object Composites and Style Kits. Object Composites allow creative teams to seamlessly blend products and objects into high quality generative scenes — inclusive of tones, colors, lighting, and textures — in seconds. Creative teams can also easily re-size, move, and place objects in these scenes, eliminating highly time-consuming manual work while retaining full creative control. Style Kits enable teams to create templates to save and reuse Firefly prompts, reference assets, and other presets that can be shared across teams and apps for collaborative and consistent generative AI output across the enterprise.

AI Innovations across video, collaboration and digital experiences

We’re committed to democratizing AI with recent innovations that deliver powerful generative AI wherever and whenever our customers need it, including major releases in Adobe Premiere Pro,, Adobe Express, and Reader and Acrobat across desktop and mobile.

Last week, at NAB, we previewed breakthrough generative AI innovations within Adobe Premiere Pro that will reimagine video creation and production workflows, delivering new creative possibilities that every pro editor needs to keep up with the high-speed pace of video production. New generative AI tools coming to Premiere Pro this year enable users to streamline editing all videos, including adding or removing objects in a scene or extending an existing clip. These new editing workflows will be powered by a new video model that will join the family of Firefly models including Image, Vector, Design and Text Effects.

We also recently introduced the next generation of, delivering a flexible, fast and intuitive creative collaboration platform that streamlines and simplifies workflows across content creation and production. V4 is designed to meet the complex needs of creative teams delivering personalized content at scale by centralizing feedback, helping to reduce rounds of revisions and accelerating the delivery of media assets. With all-new workflow management capabilities, anchored by a dynamic metadata framework and smart folder system called Collections, V4 introduces a cloud-based platform that is fully customizable, powerful and flexible enough to facilitate any creative workflow — for video, and beyond.

These new features highlighted here are just a sampling of what we released today. From brand new generative AI models to new features to performance enhancements — we’re continuing to reinvent workflows and innovate faster than ever. We’re excited for you to start exploring and can’t wait to see what you create!