Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise: Our commitment to data governance and security

Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant.

Today, we announced the general availability of Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant for our enterprise customers. Acrobat AI Assistant allows you to interact with your documents in Acrobat for quick answers and one-click summaries to create impactful content and improve productivity. It brings together our deep knowledge of PDF documents with our proprietary technology for document processing.

The Adobe difference: Responsible AI innovation

Organizations around the world trust Adobe with their most important digital documents. As organizations harness the power of AI to boost enterprise productivity and create impactful content, we continue to prioritize advanced, enterprise-grade security and privacy controls.

Just as Adobe Acrobat is tailored to meet the specific privacy and security requirements of enterprises, we have devoted significant consideration to developing Acrobat AI Assistant in line with those existing processes. All Adobe generative AI features go through Adobe’s AI Ethics governance process and are developed and deployed in alignment with Adobe’s AI Ethics principles of accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

Building trust in generative AI for PDFs

"Adobe has long focused on establishing a strong foundation of cybersecurity, built on a culture of collaboration, enabled by talented professionals, strong partnerships, leading-edge capabilities, and deep engineering prowess,” said Mike Mellor, vice president, Cyber Operations at Adobe. “We are continuously testing our generative AI technologies, learning from our global teams, the broader security researcher community, and partners to strengthen resiliency and improve our capabilities.”

Respect for customer data

Built for business

We welcome feedback

The future of technology is exciting, but there can be implications if these innovations are not built responsibly. In addition to the initiatives mentioned, Adobe provides customers with multiple channels to provide feedback — from in-app and advisory boards to community groups and social listening programs — we encourage active conversations to help the company identify and address issues quickly. And as always, we value our customers and encourage feedback through your preferred channel to better serve you and your business requirements.

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Adobe's vision for Acrobat AI Assistant includes expanding insights across different document types, AI-powered authoring and editing, and AI-supported document collaboration. We are also exploring integrations with Adobe Express.

For a more efficient and intelligent document experience, learn more about Acrobat AI Assistant. For the Acrobat AI Assistant security factsheet, click here.