Acrobat AI Assistant empowers knowledge workers in the enterprise

Acrobat AI Assistant

In today's fast-paced business environment, knowledge workers are constantly overwhelmed with the challenge of consuming, understanding, and utilizing vast amounts of information efficiently. Today, we announced the availability of Acrobat AI Assistant for our enterprise customers, a generative AI-powered conversational engine that can be quickly and safely deployed, unlocking new levels of document productivity for every employee by transforming information into action in minutes. Starting today, early access pricing is available to enterprise customers in Reader and Acrobat on desktop, web and mobile in English, with additional languages coming soon.

Since the beta launch of Acrobat AI Assistant, millions of users have already experienced a completely new way of working with their PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and more. With the generative summary feature, knowledge workers can instantly get a quick overview of the document and its relevance to their work. Acrobat AI Assistant answers questions, generates high quality insights and provides intelligent citations, which empowers users with the ability to quickly verify the source of the responses or navigate to specific areas in the document for further investigation. Acrobat AI Assistant also makes it simple to consolidate information into business documents like reports, emails, blogs or presentations. Simply type in phrases like “surface the top five takeaways and format them into text for a presentation” or "summarize this document into an email.” Knowledge workers can slash the time it takes to generate first drafts from minutes and even hours — to just seconds.

Transforming unstructured data into intelligence

One of the biggest challenges enterprises face is extracting value from unstructured data stored in documents. Acrobat AI Assistant addresses this issue by leveraging generative AI to transform unstructured data into actionable intelligence. With Acrobat AI Assistant, knowledge workers across various roles, departments and industries can spend less time searching for information and more time on high-value work. Here's how AI Assistant can help different functions across the enterprise turn data that live in documents into action:

Responsible AI for the Enterprise

The world’s largest organizations trust Adobe Acrobat with their most important information. Acrobat AI Assistant leverages a variety of processes, protocols and technologies so companies of all sizes can deploy the features with confidence. AI Assistant for Acrobat has simple and straightforward data governance protocols which enable enterprises to deploy in minutes. Read more about the steps we’re taking to make AI Assistant safe for enterprise customers in this blog.

Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant is revolutionizing workplace productivity by empowering knowledge workers to efficiently understand and put to work vast amounts of unstructured data in ways that simply weren’t possible before. We’re excited about the productivity this unlocks for organizations — and the ability it gives knowledge workers to focus on high-value work and help drive innovation and success.