Major new release of Adobe Substance 3D Painter

Image created using Adobe Substance 3D Painter.

The intersection of design and 3D visualization takes center stage in the latest release of Adobe Substance 3D Painter. Painter now features support for native Adobe Illustrator files, a brand-new text resource making it easier to leverage your system and custom fonts for decals, and the debut of the 3D Assets Library accessible directly inside Painter.

Let's delve into these enhancements to understand how you can unleash new creative opportunities with this latest update.

Illustrator file support

Image created using Adobe Substance 3D Painter.

Substance 3D Painter can now natively import Illustrator files on Windows and Mac. Designers can now drag and drop an Illustrator file into Painter’s viewport, the layer stack, or any Properties slot. The file retains its vector resolution allowing you to scale it to any size without loss of detail. All your artboards remain intact and accessible after import, making it fast and easy to work with multiple designs or variations.

Learn more about Adobe Illustrator files here.

Text Resource

Image created using Adobe Substance 3D Painter.

Painter now lets you easily add text to your projects using any font on your system with the new Text Resource. Simply drag and drop a font from the text category in the Assets panel onto your 3D model. You have full control over text properties like alignment, line and character spacing, as well as custom font size and resolution. Your font settings will remain even as you try out different fonts.

You can use the new Text Resource with all the tools in Painter, such as painting, projection and Substance Filters. Learn more about using Text in Painter here.

Substance 3D Assets inside Painter

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Finding a specific material or searching for inspiration when developing a design has gotten a whole lot easier with the addition of the new 3D Assets panel in Painter. The entire Substance 3D material and IBL libraries can now be accessed from within Painter. Materials can be downloaded on the fly and will be saved in your library, ready to be applied on your model.

Substance 3D Assets contain a huge selection of nearly 20,000 professionally created ready-to-use materials with dynamic parameters and presets suitable for any type of project, making them a great way to kickstart your texturing and help you save time.

Learn more about Substance 3D Assets in Painter here.

Adding Layer Stack controls to the Python API
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Easily automate and create variants with the Python API.

Painter's layer stack is now exposed as part of the Python API. This can help technical artists create tools to manage layer stack properties in bulk. Examples include changing tiling or projection settings for multiple layers with a single operation, randomizing all the seed values in the different layers of the layer stack all at once, or automating the creation of material variants.

Learn more about the Python API in Painter here.

For a detailed description of everything new in Painter, check out the full release notes here.