Adobe announces Firefly-powered features for Substance 3D apps

Example of a final render created using Substance Stager's new Generative Background feature.

Today, for the first time, Adobe is introducing generative AI capabilities powered by Firefly directly in Substance 3D apps. Both Sampler and Stager are getting brand new beta features that streamline workflows and empower artists to explore possibilities for material creation and product visualization faster than ever before.

“Generative AI isn't just about creating entirely new elements — it's about unlocking a new level of creative control and efficiency within existing workflows that designers and artists use every day,” says Sebastien Deguy, vice president of 3D at Adobe. By harnessing the power of Adobe Firefly, these features give artists new ways to cover more exploratory ground on the way to achieving their vision without leaving their favorite Substance app.

Imagine if simply describing a material was all it took to see it in front of you. Describe textures like “polished metal with intricate swirling engraving” or “rustic brick wall with overgrown moss” and watch Sampler bring them to life. Sampler’s new Text to Texture feature powered by Adobe Firefly lets designers visualize new textures with only a text prompt, right within the Sampler app.

In addition to using stock photography or personal photos, there’s an even faster way to quickly explore staging concepts without breaking the creative flow. Generative Background, powered by Adobe Firefly, a new feature in Stager lets professionals visualize products in any imaginable environment with nothing more than a simple description. They can set the stage with "a sunlit poolside table at dusk" or "a modern bamboo table in a serene spa setting" and watch Stager generate a stunning backdrop and automatically align perspective and lighting.

Text to Texture: Fast, limitless material creation within Substance Sampler

Whether artists seek a photorealistic or stylized aesthetic for their projects, materials most often start with an image. Sampler’s Text to Texture feature powered by Adobe Firefly adds another tool to the image sourcing toolbox.

Without ever leaving Sampler, artists can enter a text prompt to produce multiple variations of a texture with the ability to iterate and refine it by simply changing their prompt.

Generated images are always square, tileable and have the proper perspective to smoothly continue within the material generation pipeline. Sampler's popular machine learning-driven Image to Material function analyzes the generated material and creates normal, height, and roughness maps to bring the texture to life as a parametric material with ready-to-use stunning realism or stylized flair.

3D professionals across industries such as gaming, VFX and product design can use this new capability to go from vision to texture to material with the ability to explore endless variations along the way without ever leaving the app.

Generative Background: Set the stage in seconds

Sourcing the ideal background image for product visualizations is easier than ever with Generative Background in Stager. This new feature powered by Adobe Firefly allows artists and designers to craft an imaginative environment from a simple text description and get the perfect backdrop in moments. Once the perfect image is selected, Stager’s machine learning-driven Match Image function creates flawless compositing of 3D models into generated environments to achieve harmony in lighting and perspective.

Generative Background brings a new level of speed and creative exploration for 3D professionals in product and industrial design, as well as creatives responsible for developing product, packaging, and marketing assets.

The future of Substance 3D with Generative AI starts today

This first integration of Firefly into the Substance 3D ecosystem offers a glimpse at how Adobe's popular family of Firefly generative AI models is set to redefine creativity and efficiency for industrial designers, game developers and VFX professionals, accelerating areas including 3D texturing and background image generation.

"Generative tools are at their best when they blend seamlessly into established creative workflows. That's the philosophy driving Substance 3D's approach to generative capabilities in Substance apps — powerful acceleration without disruption,” says Francois Cottin, senior director of 3D Product Marketing at Adobe. “As part of delivering on this vision, we're proud to share the Stager and Sampler beta apps with the 3D community.”

Stager (beta) and Sampler (beta) are available now to Substance 3D subscribers.

Find them in the “Beta Apps” category of the Creative Cloud Desktop application.

Adobe has a decade-long legacy of AI innovation, and Firefly, Adobe’s family of generative AI models has become the most popular AI image generation model designed for safe commercial use, in record time, globally. Firefly has been used to generate over 6 billion images to date. Adobe is committed to ensuring our technology is developed in line with our AI ethics principles of accountability, responsibility, and transparency. All content generated with Firefly automatically includes Content Credentials — which are “nutrition labels” for digital content, that remain associated with content wherever it is used, published or stored.