A semi-surreal 3D tutorial: Leaves on Water with Mue Studio

Leaves on Water Semi-Surreal Scene by Mue Studio.

Leaves on Water by Mue Studio.

When Adobe Stock announced its Design Trends for 2020, the world was a different place. In some ways, we knew what we would wake up to each day and our sense of calm and peace were defined by a different cultural context. Today, the world is different. We are different. But that need – the need to find peace, calm and courage while weathering a multitude of storms is more of a necessity now than ever.

One of the trends for 2020 is that of Semi-Surreal – a movement guided by a dream-like, fantastical look at the world. Colorful, engaging and tactile in nature, semi-surreal provides people with a temporary place to escape from reality and the ability to see the things in a different light. At a time when we, as a culture, are struggling to make sense of the world and our place in it, there is a critical need for people to experience something magical, something beautiful and to try to find a serene moment away from the hardships of our current reality.

With this in mind, the Adobe Stock 3D and Dimension teams have partnered with Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim of Mue Studio to create a set of tutorials and creative works centered around this trend. In this first installment, using free assets from the Adobe Stock Semi-Surreal collection, Mue Studio will take you through a multi-part Dimension tutorial, resulting in a set of three in-progress scenes that leverage soft color palettes, a minimalist design aesthetic, and a final work that encapsulates the serenity of the semi-surreal trend. Join us on this creative exploration and see what is possible.

Free Semi-Surreal 3D collection on Adobe Stock.

Leaves on Water Tutorial: Placement and Composition (Part 1)

Step 1: Position the main walls

Step 2: Add the staircase, floor and back wall

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Step 3: Bring in the leaves

Step 4: Render the Leaves on Water scene (scene 1)

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Leaves on Water Tutorial: Camera and Lighting (Part 2)

Step 1: Use a camera bookmark

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Step 2: Add natural lighting

Step 3: Enhance the lighting

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Step 4: Render the Leaves on Water scene (scene 2)

Leaves on Water Tutorial: Materials and Colors (Part 3)

Step 1: Enhance the interior elements

Step 2: Add a water effect

Step 3: Adjust the leaves

Step 4: Render Leaves on Water scene (final scene)

Mue Studio will be joining us again soon to give more insights into their creative history and to take us all through another amazing Semi-Surreal 3D tutorial. Until then, don’t hesitate to take this work in a new direction and find your own sense of peace through the creative exploration.