Adobe video March 2021 release: Empowering modern creators, from video pros to social storytellers

Learn about the focus areas for Adobe video in 2021 and the March release of Premiere Pro and After Effects

Premiere Pro Timeline showing the new Captions track

The new captions workflow is available now in Premiere Pro.

Video is surging. Once reserved for a small percentage of creatives with big budgets and specialized equipment, video has now been democratized. From passionate content creators seeking to connect with a community, businesses striving to reach customers, or filmmakers telling stories across screens small and large, video is the predominant form for creative communication.

At Adobe we recognize that the needs and motivations for video creation are at times universal and at times unique. With this in mind, we are anchoring our work in 2021 on core themes that we believe address the needs of our diverse users. The March release of the Adobe video applications demonstrates our commitment to empowering our users across these areas.

Work faster and get more done: Creatives’ most precious resource is time, and they need tools that enable them to create high quality content, fast. In Premiere Pro and After Effects, artificial intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei automates tedious tasks, and ongoing performance improvements accelerate workflows, leaving more time for creativity. Premiere Pro’s streamlined workflows help all users work more efficiently. The March release introduces:

Work the way you want: Premiere Pro is built to meet the needs of all video creators, whether they use a Mac or PC, work alone or with a team, or deliver to one platform or across many. From import to publishing, users can leverage a rich ecosystem of nearly 400 partners and developers, that enables customizable workflows optimized for their preferred platform or hardware configuration. Users can work within Premiere Pro exclusively, use the Premiere Rush mobile-optimized experience, or choose seamless cross-application workflows with other Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop or After Effects. The March release offers:

Stand out and level up: Premiere Pro gives social creators what they need to “level up” and express their unique style with intuitive tools for color, animated titles, and audio. The March release for Premiere Pro adds:

Unlock the value of Adobe Creative Cloud: Premiere Pro and After Effects users are part of the world’s largest creative community and can draw from the best of Adobe creative tools and content to inspire their work and help bring their visions to life. Premiere Pro users can access thousands of Adobe Stock videos, music and Motion Graphics templates directly in the app or use After Effects and Photoshop to create their own magic. To ensure users get optimized features that fit nicely within their workflows, we encourage them to test these Creative Cloud innovations through our active public Beta program, before they are added to the release versions. This allows users to provide input directly to our product teams. The March release introduces:

For content production teams

Cloud-driven collaboration and remote work: The last year has shown that teams need to work efficiently regardless of their location. Premiere Pro and After Effects use the cloud to enable remote collaboration — like Creative Cloud Libraries for organizing and sharing branded assets and Team Projects, which give editors and motion graphics artists a common project file format for secure collaboration. March release enhancements:

For new users

Jump in, we will help: It is not always easy to know where to start with some of the advanced tools in Premiere Pro, but easy-to-follow in-app tutorials and access to a large and active community of product experts help new users find success quickly. In 2021 we are focused on improving the user experience for beginners and advanced users alike.

We are excited for what is to come in 2021, and we look forward to executing our vision for the future of Premiere Pro and After Effects, always with our users, their needs and motivations top of mind.

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