6 apps that connect to Creative Cloud Libraries

Explore some of our favorite Creative Cloud Libraries integrations with third party apps that supercharge your workflows & keep your projects on-brand.

Image source: Andreea Mica.

For a brand to thrive in a competitive market, it needs to stand apart and deliver consistent, cohesive experiences across every customer interaction. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses and organizations to maintain brand consistency and to be able to do it efficiently. It’s why two million creatives rely on Creative Cloud Libraries — organizing, using, and sharing creative elements like color, character styles, logos, and graphics that define and enhance their companies’ brands.

With Creative Cloud Libraries, you’ll have access to your brand assets right inside your favorite Adobe apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and XD. So whether you’re working on a website, mobile app, or promotional video, you’ll be all using the same assets to ensure consistency.

But you and your team don’t work in silos. You collaborate not only with other designers, but multiple clients, stakeholders, and colleagues that all work in different tools. That’s why we’re excited that Libraries are no longer limited to Adobe apps. Creative Cloud Libraries are now available in third-party tools that extend Creative Cloud in powerful ways.

Here are some of our favorite integrations that supercharge your workflows and keep your projects on-brand.

MURAL: Visual collaboration, with all your Creative Cloud assets

MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration. Business teams use MURAL to share, think, and solve problems together — even when they aren’t in the same room. With MURAL, teams gather and activate the brightest ideas to drive change and innovate.

The integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries provides instant access to assets such as logos, images, illustrations, and icons in MURAL. Now, teams can easily use on-brand and up-to-date creative elements for visual collaboration.

Show off your brand, tell a more compelling story to a client, or orchestrate a design review with access to assets created in Creative Cloud apps such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign and managed in Creative Cloud Libraries. Simply drag and drop them into a mural from the sidebar. Regardless of the original file type, they’ll immediately show up on the digital canvas as a PNG image. With MURAL, you can prototype ideas in real-time. Use sticky notes, diagrams, a timer, voting, and more to gather feedback and align the team. To learn more check out our recent post here.

CameraIQ: Unlock AR production with Creative Cloud Libraries

Camera IQ empowers marketers and designers to transform their products and brand message into beautiful and compelling augmented reality (AR) experiences for virtual try-ons or consumer campaigns on social. Using our creative platform to build AR experiences, marketers can dramatically accelerate business outcomes by engaging with their audiences at scale.

With Camera IQ’s Adobe Creative Cloud integration, designers and marketers gain a single point of connection to unify their workflows.

Frontify: Centralize your brand assets to boost efficiency

Frontify is a brand management platform that helps you stay consistent across all media efforts. And now with its Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries integration, you can manage these brand assets directly in your favorite Adobe apps — streamlining creative work across Adobe apps for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more. With Frontify, you simplify creative collaboration, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, as design assets are centralized into a single media library.

Once organizations reach a certain size, marketing, brand, and design teams have to deal with higher complexity in keeping up with the creative workflow. The Frontify Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries allows you to add brand assets living in Frontify (icons, images, videos, and color schemes) to your Adobe creative tools’ native environments for a quick and easy collaborative workflow.

HolaBrief: Better briefs with your Creative Cloud Libraries

Whether you’re an independent designer or an agency, maintaining brand consistency across various channels can be a daunting task. HolaBrief is an online briefing tool that helps you work effectively and collaborate efficiently right from the start. With this integration with Creative Cloud, you can access all your creative assets and brand your creative briefs — especially useful as your organization scales and you need to work with increasingly complex systems and bigger teams.

HolaBrief‘s integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries means that you will be able to access your creative assets directly from the settings panel. Add your custom branding, including your logo and color palette, to your briefs — no more looking for misplaced files, giving you peace of mind that all your channels are always on brand and looking great. Happy briefing!

Tiled: Build on-brand microapps with Creative Cloud Libraries

Tiled is a dedicated interactive content solution that helps you create, share and measure the performance of microapps, and the Tiled integration with Creative Cloud Libraries helps you simplify and optimize how the assets you’re using to create those micro-apps are managed, organized, and reused. By integrating Tiled with Creative Cloud Libraries, designers can work faster and easier while maintaining creative and brand control. This comes in the form of new Asset Library functionality.

Thanks to this new integration, it’s now possible to sync images and videos from an Adobe Creative Cloud Library directly into Tiled in order to use these assets to build interactive content.

VS Code extension: Bridging the gap between design and code

Design Systems are the link between design and development. To build a successful, tailored, and widely adopted system, both designers and developers need to have a seat at the table. The new Adobe XD extension for Visual Studio Code allows developers to visually map design sources created in XD and available in Creative Cloud Libraries, to platform-specific code using design tokens. DesignOps teams will be able to create shareable Design System Packages (DSP) that contain all the information developers need to consume while coding, including code snippets and documentation. Thanks to Creative Cloud Libraries APIs, the creation of DSP packages in VS Code happens in seconds, instead of hours of manual creation of tokens and component information.

These are just some examples of how integrations are bringing the power of Creative Cloud Libraries to creative workflows. From brainstorming in a digital workspace and creating better design briefs to branding AR experiences or making design to development collaboration easier, we’re working with our partners to empower you to create your best work, with as little friction as possible. Creative Cloud Libraries integrations help keep you aligned, productive, and efficient no matter what tool you’re in. This is all made possible using the new Creative Cloud Libraries API.

Go here to install these integrations or browse others. If you aren’t using Creative Cloud Libraries yet, go here to learn more, or check out this article on how to get started.