Creative Cloud Pro Edition equips organizations to thrive in our new work reality

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The rapid digital transformation of our world continues to open incredible opportunities for businesses. Collaboration and content development have never been more important — or more complex. Today’s business leaders must confidently navigate the new world of hybrid remote and in-person workforces. The global COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated the trend towards distributed resources, offering an explosion of opportunities for leaders able to properly equip and empower their teams. Meanwhile, the pace of content needs and the changes in the cultural landscape have been hastened by social media, making it more challenging to stay relevant with customers.

In our recent Global Creative Survey, we spoke with 1,500 creative teams and the IT leaders who support them from businesses around the world to understand their top challenges and needs for their workplaces. For creative businesses, the hybrid workplace — with an increasingly broad range of teams creating content — is making collaboration, brand consistency, and legal compliance much tougher than before. Additionally, content demands continue to rise. Creatives must be agile and empowered to respond.

Introducing the Pro Editions of Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise.

To address this confluence of demands on creative teams, we’re introducing Pro Edition, our latest Creative Cloud offering for businesses that adds unlimited access to over 200 million assets from Adobe Stock. Access to the Adobe Stock collection is seamlessly integrated into the Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps, across photography, design, video, web, UX, and more.

Stock has played an expanding role in creative campaigns, allowing creatives to significantly reduce both time and financial costs of developing new campaigns. By offering freedom to download and license unlimited images, vectors, and illustrations, the new Pro Edition unlocks many key benefits.

With Creative Cloud Pro Edition, content creators can:

Empower all of your content creators seamlessly with Pro Edition.

In our survey, we found that a major pain point for many organizations today is unnecessary layers of administration: over 60 percent of creatives we surveyed shared that getting approvals from management to purchase stock assets can take a day or even longer — an additional 29 percent say it takes at least a few days. The consequence? Frustration and lost productivity.

With Creative Cloud Pro Edition, organizations can now provide all of their content creators with access to the Adobe Stock standard collection of photos, illustrations, and vectors — without any quotas. That means, your teams can create more, faster, while administrators can spend less time managing approvals and purchases. Additionally, Pro Edition comes with simple license terms built for business needs, including unlimited copies or views. Enterprise customers also have the ability to use stock assets to create merchandise or products.

Adobe Stock integrates with Creative Cloud and Microsoft PowerPoint, making it incredibly easy for everyone in your organization to search, edit, and license assets right inside their favorite apps — including users beyond your design team. And with custom Creative Cloud Libraries, creative teams can quickly collect and share frequently-needed assets, reducing time spent searching and time to onboard new employees, while improving brand consistency across all teams creating content within an organization.

Worry-free budgeting, licensing, and administration.

The distributed workplace with blended remote and in-person creative teams is here for good. To empower content creators and the teams supporting them, we designed Creative Cloud Pro Edition to help simplify management, billing, and budgeting. Administrators can purchase, deploy, and manage their organization’s Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock licenses with a single plan that grows with the organization.

With over 60 percent of creative teams and administrators we surveyed predicting that their stock content needs will increase in the next three years, predictable budgeting is a must. So, too, is companywide visibility into asset downloads and use: over 75 percent of creatives and their IT leads shared that their teams have purchased the same stock asset more than once.

Perhaps worse than double-paying for the same stock assets is the potential legal risk and financial liability associated with the use of unlicensed assets. An alarming 63 percent of creative teams and administrators told us that this was an issue at their companies — and a third report that this problem has become more prevalent in the last year.

With greater visibility and simplicity, and no asset quotas, Creative Cloud Pro Edition allows businesses to reduce worry, waste, and legal risk, while collaborating seamlessly. With pooled licensing, Adobe Stock assets belong to your company, even as team members come and go. And with 24/7 support, access to special expert sessions, and additional resources to help grow your team’s skills, you can ensure that they’ll be taking advantage of all Pro Edition has to offer.

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Creative Cloud Pro Edition pricing and availability.

Creative Cloud for business Pro Edition is immediately available for teams and enterprises with five or more users.

Reach out to your Adobe representative to request a consultation on how you can upgrade your business to take advantage of Creative Cloud Pro Edition. Learn more about Creative Cloud Pro Edition.