Get organized with Acrobat online tools and Adobe Spark

Get organized with Adobe Acrobat and Spark.

Whether you’re planning your family’s weekly calendar or setting goals for employees, organization is key to productivity and efficiency. Getting organized takes time and effort, however, and can be especially challenging if everyone involved is using different organizational systems.

Adobe Acrobat online tools, in combination with Adobe Spark templates, offer a simple, time-saving organizational solution for everyone. Find out how you can create to-do lists, set goals, and plan out your week with Acrobat and Adobe Spark.

Take advantage of Adobe Spark PDF templates

Adobe Spark offers a library of downloadable PDF templates you can use with Acrobat online tools, with many of the templates designed specifically with productivity and organization in mind. Three categories are particularly great for getting organized.

Daily and weekly planner PDF templates

Daily and weekly planner templates do exactly what their name implies: provide a way to schedule and organize your daily or weekly tasks. Some offer simple numbered lists, while others break down the day into an hourly or half-hourly schedule. You can also find homework planners for kids, menu planners, weekend planners, and priority lists.

Goal-setting templates

A goal-setting PDF template can take many forms. Need a PDF template to track your New Year’s resolutions? We’ve got you covered. Want a daily goal list with room for appointments and to-do lists? We’ve got that too, with colorful designs for extra motivation. Adobe Spark even lets you design a template to brainstorm, create, track, and share your goals.

To-do list templates

The humble to-do list remains one of the most popular ways to stay organized at home or at work. From reminding you of upcoming deadlines and priorities to creating shopping lists, a to-do list PDF keeps you, your family, or your employees focused on what’s more important — and unlike paper lists, you don’t have to worry about misplacing them.

Adobe Spark templates are easy to print, but you can get even more value out of them when you pair them with Acrobat online tools. Saving a Spark template as a PDF is simple. Just open the desired Spark template, and click Download in the top right corner of the screen. Select PDF from the list of file options, and then click Start download.

Once downloaded, you can use a range of Acrobat online tools to maximize the efficiency of your Adobe Spark PDF.

Use Acrobat online tools for optimum organization

Once you have your Adobe Spark templates downloaded as PDFs, you can use Acrobat online tools to fill them in, add comments, send for feedback, and more.

Fill in templates with the Acrobat Fill & Sign tool

When you’re ready, fill in a PDF template using the Acrobat online Fill & Sign tool:

Add personal notes to your PDFs

Have some more ideas but you’re not quite ready to commit? Or want to remind yourself of a subsequent step to take once you’ve finished a task? Use the Acrobat Edit PDF tool to add comments, highlights, and even drawings to any PDF template.

Merge files and reorganize them

If you end up with a number of PDF templates that you’d prefer to have in one file, combine them into one PDF with the Acrobat Merge PDFs tool. You can also try these tools to organize the pages in your merged PDF:

Clearly, PDFs offer many convenient ways for you to stay organized, and Acrobat can help boost efficiency even further. Try the Acrobat online tools with your favorite Spark template, or take advantage of the Acrobat free trial to use all tools without limits for seven days. Whether at home or in the office, Acrobat and Spark can help you maximize your productivity and even have some fun along the way.