Adobe launches Adobe Experience Manager Screens as a Cloud Service

Close up photo of a finger pushing a touch screen.

As a result of the global pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, brands have spent the past year reimagining customer engagement in physical spaces. While in-store experiences may be changing, customer-obsessed brands see this as an opportunity to improve experiences by connecting online and offline channels, providing a consistent, personalized experience from web to mobile and all the way through to digital signage in physical spaces.

At Adobe, enabling brands to provide a seamless customer journey across all channels has been the guiding vision for Adobe Experience Manager Screens. We’re accomplishing this by expanding Adobe’s best-in-class omnichannel content management capabilities to physical spaces. This purpose-built digital signage capability within Adobe Experience Manager is now offered as a cloud native service. Always up to date, the new Adobe Experience Manager Screens as a Cloud Service allows for automatic scaling support for millions of digital signage devices and unlock new possibilities in the delivery of personalized experiences at scale.

The launch of Adobe Experience Manager Screens as a Cloud Service delivers on three objectives:

By delivering on these objectives, Adobe now provides its customers the foundation for delivering any type of modern digital signage experience imaginable. As an example, a fast food-chain that previously showed the same display content to customers can now benefit from the scalability of Screens as a Cloud Service to tailor the display content to each specific customer based on their order history and interaction with the brand.

Designed for efficiency and productivity

As brands begin to deploy larger and larger digital signage networks across physical spaces, they are challenged with managing the volume of devices, displays and channels, as well as dealing with the complexity of the various use cases and experiences they aspire to deliver. Screens as a Cloud Service is designed with efficiency and productivity in mind to provide IT teams, store operations and marketers the tools they need to easily manage their digital signage projects and focus on delivering fantastic experiences. Efficiency and productivity benefits include:

Near real-time communications

In the digital signage space, communication happens bidirectionally where millions of IoT devices and Smart TVs report their statuses every few minutes or even seconds to the content management system (CMS). Screens as a Cloud Service is designed to fulfill those requirements by supporting fast read and write access via the cloud native architecture, allowing for near real-time communications. This also enables dynamic content and near real-time updates and messaging that power highly personalized experiences across regions and even down to customer-selected individual locations.

Playback success

With Screens as a Cloud Service, Adobe manages the backend along with the client and has access to connected sensors and hardware specifications. This makes insights actionable in near real-time with Screens as a Cloud Service and across the broader ecosystem of devices and peripherals. Managing the client means Adobe is also responsible for monitoring and mitigating playback interruptions, and Screens as a Cloud Service allows Adobe to collect device and player logs in its own system, introducing smart alerting and blank screen prevention methods depending on the root cause.

For more information about Adobe Experience Manager Screens as a Cloud Service, visit here.