Bring order to your home office with Adobe Acrobat online

Organize your home office with Adobe Acrobat online tools.

After months and months at home, you’ve likely spent considerable time contemplating or making updates to your space — and you’re not alone.

Whether it’s the Chinese art of feng shui, the Danish practice of hygge, or another popular method that appeals to you, different home organization styles have one thing in common: they’re all clutter-free. You can bring that mentality to your digital life as well — especially after a year in which Americans experienced an increase in work-related screen time.

While decluttering your home workspace, inbox, and desktop may seem overwhelming, it’s something you can tackle five minutes at a time with the help of Adobe Scan and Acrobat online PDF tools on your journey toward home office space serenity.

Split your tangle of organizational jobs into smaller tasks

You can’t summit Everest in a few hours, so don’t plan to organize everything in a single afternoon. Build out a checklist and start working your way through one item at a time:

From bookcases to desk drawers, organize small items like paper clips and other office supplies piecemeal to make headway. Each area you give a home organization makeover will build momentum and you’ll begin feeling like a professional organizer in no time.

Digitally file important papers

When you start in on your stacks of documents, don’t spend time sorting every single piece of paper — all your bank statements, medical records, and tax returns — into a file cabinet. Go paperless with Adobe Scan and clear off your office desk space. This free mobile app turns your phone’s camera into a scanning device so you can quickly digitize all your important paperwork.

Adobe Scan saves your scanned documents as PDFs in an easily accessible online account instead of burying them in a filing cabinet. Once you scan them, you can send your paper copies to the shredder and then recycle them — tidying up your space while improving security.

Take this paper organization method one day at a time to convert birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance policies, and social security cards into easy-to-search digital backups you can access via the Acrobat online storage space from any browser, any time.

Organize your digital documents

Home office organization ideas don’t just apply to your physical space. An organized computer will help you stay on track and be productive, especially when you work from home. Downloads, spreadsheets, and more may litter your desktop and folders. Follow these digital organizing tips and storage ideas to stop getting distracted by file clutter:

Take your digital filing system further by trying easy-to-use Acrobat online tools:

Go a step further with smartphone tidying

From photos and texts to emails and apps, one look at a chaotic phone can wash away any contentment you’re feeling about having an organized home office and computer desktop. Thankfully, you can tidy up your mobile device on the go or at home.

A little at a time, you can bring tranquility to large or small spaces with these DIY home office organization methods and help from Acrobat. Your organizational efforts will help bring peace of mind to your work and guide you to a more stress-free future.