Announcing World Interaction Design Day 2021: Solidarity and transformation

Promotional illustration for World Interaction Design Day 2021: Solidarity & Transformation, hosted on September 28.

For a fourth year, World Interaction Design Day (IxDD) is returning to celebrate and create dialogue around design and its ability to improve the human condition. Presented in partnership with the Interaction Design Association, this coming-together of designers and design enthusiasts is made up of digital-first events across the world. Last year, these events revolved around the theme of culture and sustainability — important topics to tackle at this point in history. This year, our theme explores a particularly timely theme: solidarity and transformation.

Making the direct link between solidarity and transformation, we ask ourselves what role design plays in this relationship? Looking at the lessons learned during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and with an eye on what will come next in a post-pandemic world, how has design changed and what can designers do to ensure we are forging a better future for all?

How to participate in World Interaction Design Day 2021 on September 28

Like last year, this year’s World Interaction Design Day is made up of online events. We’ll come together, but apart, through six regional live stream events from around the world: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia/Oceania, Africa/Middle East, and Francophone.

To attend, simply head over to the World Interaction Design Day 2021 website, where you’ll see links to the different regions’ live streams on Sept. 28. Ahead of the 28th, you’ll have the chance to view the full schedule of events across the world, so you can plan your viewing accordingly.

How has design changed, and what do we want for its future?

The events of the past year opened the doors for interaction design to change how we work, connect, and live. This year’s World Interaction Design Day will unpack how interaction design is driving transformations in our work, our families, and our communities. Ahead of these discussions, we invite you to think over these questions:

Our aim is to have a positive, long-lasting impact by facilitating activities that support dialogue and outcomes around these points. Together, let’s talk about how designers are helping us all adapt to a changing world. What are the new ideas and concepts that can bring us together even more, despite the challenges we face?

Join us on September 28 as we explore these questions and topics, and come together as a community in our act of solidarity and transformation.