Enhanced control and collaboration features for Creative Cloud for teams administrators

Illustration of Admin Console.

Every business has specific needs, and as an administrator of Creative Cloud for teams, you’re able to manage licenses and simplify your billing and budgeting process all from one place.

Now, to provide you with better control and insight over the Creative Cloud accounts you manage, we have upgraded the storage platform for business customers. In addition, we are rolling out team libraries to help you maintain brand consistency and make collaboration simple and effective.

Smoother collaboration with Creative Cloud team libraries

Creative Cloud Libraries is a great tool for accelerating creative workflows and ensuring brand consistency. We have now introduced a new feature, which enables business owners to create team libraries.

Colorful screenshot.

These are tied to the organization’s account and stored in the shared team space. Users have the option of making the library immediately available to the entire team with read-only access (a perfect solution for a style guide library, for example) and grant edit access to specific individuals in the team.

This makes it easier than ever to ensure everyone in the organization has easy access to the most up-to-date assets at all times. And because the library belongs to the team, it isn’t dependent on the creator. Lastly, team members can browse a list of team libraries created by members of the team, removing the need for a manual sharing process.

Improved company asset protection, management, and transfer

We’ve made it easier for you to transfer a user’s files from Creative Cloud storage to another account when your team lineup changes or a user is removed.

Screen shot of how to remove a user.

Creative Cloud for teams makes use of storage for business, which means that your organization owns the user accounts and their associated content. When a user leaves the organization (or you delete a user’s account for some reason), you can simply retrieve the assets from user folders and transfer them to another user via updated functionality in the Adobe Admin Console. This gives you peace of mind when your team lineup changes, creative assets, including Creative Cloud Libraries, always stay within your organization, even as people and projects shift.

More visibility into storage capacity and usage

With the latest updates to Adobe Creative Cloud storage, you have full visibility of storage across your business’s Creative Cloud applications. The storage quotas are flexible for end users up to the amount of storage purchased by your organization. A new storage tab is displayed in the Admin Console that allows admins to view how much quota is used by individual users and the overall quota consumed by the entire team.

All content saved to the Creative Cloud is stored in a repository owned by the organization. The combination of 1TB cloud storage per user, plus pooled storage will make it easier to collaborate as a team on works in progress (share for review, co-edit). This is especially true when your team is on the road or working remotely (thanks to better flexibility working on projects across devices with cloud docs).

More resources at your fingertips

Creative Cloud for teams includes more than 20 industry-leading desktop and mobile apps for design, photography, video, web, UX, social media content, and more. Businesses can purchase all Creative Cloud apps, single apps, or purchase a combination and mix and match based on their specific needs. As an admin, you can buy more products and licenses at any time, remove products and licenses at renewal, or reassign licenses to new team members.

In addition to the applications, your Creative Cloud for teams membership also includes unlimited access to Stock & Marketplace. This gives you access to Adobe Stock (which has a free collection as well as multiple paid plan options for your business to choose from), along with Adobe Fonts that are already licensed and cleared for personal and commercial use, at no extra charge.

Our complimentary upgrade to Creative Cloud storage means you get even more value from Creative Cloud for teams. It’s now more flexible and secure, protecting creative assets and libraries by keeping them within the business, and ensures you can collaborate more efficiently as a team, enabling you to share assets across your organization and control editing access to keep the branding consistent.