Maximize value from your Creative Cloud subscription

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Remote or hybrid work is the new reality for many creative teams. To create great work from anywhere, powerful apps are a must-have — but Creative Cloud goes well beyond its 20+ creative and productivity apps. Your membership also includes a comprehensive set of integrated services and resources that extend the capabilities of these apps, so you can easily access and share assets, collaborate smoothly with team members and stakeholders, and maintain complete control every step of the way.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can get the most out of your Creative Cloud membership by making use of enhanced collaboration capabilities (including cloud documents, libraries, and review and commenting features), access to the new Stock & Marketplace (which includes Adobe Stock, Adobe Fonts, and thousands of plugins and integrations), a wide variety of learning resources, and an active creative community from around the world.

Let’s explore what’s included in your Creative Cloud membership in detail.

More control when collaborating

Creative Cloud’s collaboration tools enable easy access to content, seamless teamwork, and make it easy to provide feedback. Creative Cloud Libraries in particular is a great way to organize regularly used creative elements (such as graphics, logos, and images, including approved photo collections from Adobe Stock) and keep them at your fingertips while maintaining consistency across layouts, designs, and campaigns.

Libraries can be organized by type or with your own custom groups, and at this year’s Adobe MAX we’re introducing the ability to organize them within nested groups. This means you’ll be able to create groups within groups, allowing you to organize your assets according to your needs as. You can nest groups as deeply as you need for your creative system.

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You will also now be able to share a preview link to your Photoshop and Illustrator cloud documents. Collaborators and stakeholders can view and comment on shared work online, and those comments will appear in the app for easy access. Like with local Illustrator files, you can now place a linked Photoshop cloud document into an Illustrator cloud document. Stay up to date on any changes made to the original Photoshop cloud document after it has been linked in Illustrator — even if the original file is moved!

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In addition, we’re announcing new ways for you and your team to collaborate, bring others into the creative process, and get aligned on a cohesive creative vision — all in Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud Spaces will give you a shared digital place for your team, where all your creative work and resources are in one centralized location, available to everyone working together on that project. Meanwhile, Creative Cloud Canvas will make it easy for your team to visualize and review creative work, see the big picture, and get aligned with your vision, collaborating together in real-time, right in the browser.

These announcements are just the beginning of a broader evolution of Creative Cloud into a total hub for creative work and are available now in beta. Find out about these new collaboration capabilities here.

Get instant access to the right creative assets with Stock & Marketplace

The new Stock & Marketplace is a unified hub that provides instant access to all the assets and tools you need for your creative projects. In Stock & Marketplace, you’ll find millions of high-quality free and paid creative assets (including photos, images, vectors, illustrations, templates, audio and video clips, 3D content and more) — access to 20,000 Adobe Fonts at no additional cost — plus thousands of plugins and integrations to help streamline workflows.

Unlock the full value of your Creative Cloud membership in one central place and discover Stock & Marketplace on the Adobe Stock website, the Creative Cloud homepage, or directly through the Creative Cloud Desktop app.

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In Adobe Stock, you can now find the perfect audio track faster. Adobe Stock’s new “Audio Find Similar” feature enables you to find similar audio files when searching for just the right track to go with your project. Highlight up to 20 seconds of an audio file you like or simply upload a track. The search, powered by Adobe Sensei, will provide similar options.

We’ve also improved the video search and introduced two new video filters: shot size and shot angle.

Find the right typeface faster with Adobe Fonts

As Adobe Fonts is now integrated into the new Stock & Marketplace, you have a new starting point for choosing fonts and a center for inspiration directly within the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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With several new type families added in time for MAX, you can instantly use fonts on your desktop, websites, and any font-enabled iOS devices. Choose as many fonts as you need, and don’t worry about extra charges: over 20,000 fonts are included with most Creative Cloud subscriptions and already cleared for both personal and commercial use.

To improve your experience, we’ve introduced tailored font recommendations and improved browsing capabilities. Based on font activation habits and trends in the Creative Cloud community, you can now filter between personal and communal inspiration or check out font suggestions based on the Adobe Type team’s expertise. From type families similar to ones you’ve recently activated, to new and trending fonts, to those hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, you’ve got a new place to find inspiration when you need it.

This feature joins several others to make choosing the right typeface easier and more efficient:

Illustrator users, meanwhile, can now experience the same Adobe Fonts auto-activation feature they already enjoy in Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and in our mobile apps. Missing fonts that are available in the library are seamlessly activated when a document is opened, making shared workflows up to 3x faster.

Find the perfect plugin to supercharge creative workflows

We’ve long known that Creative Cloud apps are at their best when they’re open and extensible — enabling interoperability so you can easily share assets across your Adobe apps and with your team, making Creative Cloud a powerful platform for connected creativity.

But in today’s world, we recognize you likely rely on many other popular tools to keep you connected and productive in addition to Adobe apps. It’s why Creative Cloud apps were built on a powerful core that thousands of developers and customers have extended to automate workflows, introduce new features, and connect Creative Cloud to third-party apps and services that supercharge your daily workflows.

Creative Cloud Libraries integrates with your favorite tools

Thanks to new integrations, Creative Cloud Libraries give you the ability to share and reuse creative elements both across your Creative Cloud apps and in your favorite collaboration and productivity tools, like Microsoft Teams, Word and PowerPoint, Google Workspace, and design tools like Tiled and more. These integrations are actively helping teams maintain brand consistency across every touchpoint.

The creative team at Benchmark International syncs their Creative Cloud Libraries to Tiled so their approved brand assets are instantly available when building microapps.

New Photoshop plugins

UXP launched in Photoshop in 2020 and we continue to see partners build on this platform to enhance collaboration and bring advanced image editing to new heights. This includes exciting new UXP-powered plugins from Globaledit and Smartsheet.

These add to the many existing plugins that connect to your favorite tools. These plugins make Photoshop even more powerful, with advanced image editing features from our developer community that supercharge image retouching, sharpening, color grading, simplify luminosity masks, and more.

More Adobe XD plugins

With more than 300 plugins, the Adobe XD ecosystem also continues to grow. We’re unlocking additional workflows for product design collaboration, like Smartsheet’s plugin for XD and Toki Chat for real-time messaging, and others like Paperform and bringing Lottie animations into XD.

There are literally thousands of plugins and integrations that extend Creative Cloud in powerful ways. And if you can’t find that perfect one, you can also use our APIs to build your own, automate tasks and customize your workflows.

For more on this year’s announcements, and what’s to come, read our blog: MAX 2021: Creative Cloud Ecosystem Update.

Boost your skills and engage with the creative community

Creative Cloud also gives you access to a broad range of learning resources to grow and build your skillset. These include getting started guides and tutorials for skill enhancement; admin resources for enterprise, teams, and education — community forums; regular events, webinars, and creative livestreams from Adobe Live — and the ability to share work and find inspiration on Behance. Behance subscriptions will also now be open to all Creative Cloud subscribers, who can now earn revenue from their creations by offering a paid subscription to their premium Behance content (with a 0 percent platform fee for Creative Cloud members).

Powering Creativity for All with Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud gives you more than great apps. Whether you want to improve team collaboration to suit your workflow (at home, in an office, or on the go), extend the capabilities of the apps you use every day, or enhance your type experience with Adobe Fonts — Creative Cloud has you covered.

To maximize the value from your subscription, take advantage of all the Creative Cloud services and personalize them to your own unique creative projects.