Choose fonts faster with new recommendations feature

New font recommendations feature makes choosing fonts easier. Activate fonts included in your Creative Cloud subscription.

Abstract type sample featuring font pairings

Artwork by Franny Fuller.

The creative process isn’t always a straight line from idea to finished product, and choosing fonts is no exception. We’re dedicated to evolving the Adobe Fonts website into a tool that eliminates typographic dead ends and brain blocks, and have brand new ways to keep the creativity flowing using the fonts included with your Creative Cloud subscription.

Expert recommendations

“There are no hard rules or mystic formulas for choosing the right typeface or the right pairings,” according to independent type designer Dan Rhatigan. In lieu of a magic wand that reveals the ideal font, we are introducing a new recommendations feature on the Adobe Fonts site powered by Adobe Sensei and based on similarity and font pairing.

Now when you see a recommendations tab at the top of a font family page, you can click to explore suggestions of fonts that are similar in appearance to the font you are currently viewing. Quickly test out the type by activating any recommendation that interests you — right from the list. The fonts will automatically be ready to use in your Creative Cloud apps, so you can keep experimenting with the right look for your project.

As a bonus, tailor your recommendations to your favorite style or weight of the current font by selecting from the dropdown menu in the Details section of the page.

You will also find a carousel of font pairings to browse through, illustrating the current font combined with a suggested body or header font. If you see a pairing you do not think works well, mouse over and click the feedback flag that appears. We will continue to develop this feature and improve the quality of the results with your help.

Check out some font pairings created by our community! The images below are inspired by relationships that are meaningful to the designer.

Image source: Barb Macdonald Fonts paired: P22 Muschamp Pro Regular & Variex Regular.

Image source: Chris Klekamp. Fonts used: Active Regular & Bebas Neue Thin.

Image source: Justin Roy. Fonts used: Adhesive Nr. Seven Regular & HWT American Solid.

Your path to the perfect font

Though recommendations and pairings are the newest inspiration tool from Adobe Fonts, they join a wealth of useful features geared towards helping you quickly discover the fonts you need.

Start with the mood of your project and choose from one of our many font tags to immediately narrow down the library — perfect for collaborating with clients who may not be familiar with typographic terminology. Stack a classification filter on top and you have distilled the results even further!

If you need an extra dose of inspiration for your design project, Font Packs have you covered. These curated collections offer a bevy of fonts that can be activated with one click, each tuned to a particular theme or use case. Some even include free downloadable graphics to get you started.

Inspiration from our foundry partners

The foundries that contribute to the Adobe Fonts library each represent a different vision or design focus unique to their own brands. We have created the Featured Foundries page to spotlight our partners in a variety of categories — ranging from new library additions and contemporary design, to market-specific highlights. These curated picks are bound to lead you to a new favorite foundry that speaks to your typographic tastes.

Solid foundations

Navigating the library and choosing between thousands of fonts can be intimidating if you don’t know where to begin. Learn to make confident typographic choices with An Introduction to Typography — our in-depth creative guide where we explore all things type with the help of experts who are defining the field of today and tomorrow. Articles like The Future of Typography will get you excited for all the innovation brewing within the type community, even as Creative Cloud says goodbye to retired font technologies.

Typographic brain blocks, unlocked

We hope this bounty of time-saving features brings you closer to your typographic goals — be they design direction for your current project or becoming more comfortable taking advantage of the fonts you get for free with your Creative Cloud subscription. As always, we welcome your feedback @AdobeFonts as we continue to iterate on these useful new tools.