Adobe Express, a new suite of tools that helps anyone create

Colorful Illustration created using Creative Cloud Express of multiple devices running Creative Cloud Express.

If you had to describe the design aesthetic of most laundromats, the right word would probably be “dingy.” That’s not the case with Celsious. The cheerful, eco-friendly Brooklyn wash spot features clean off-whites with yellow and coral accents, a color scheme that is also Celsious’s signature on their website and social channels.

Create scroll-stopping flyers, social posts and more with Adobe Express - no design experience required

“We wanted to turn doing laundry into something people were able to look forward to.” Celsious co-owner Theresa Williams said. “And we knew that having something that would photograph well and show up well on social media would help us gain exposure,” Theresa’s sister and co-owner, Corinna Williams, said. And they were right — Celsious is perhaps the only laundromat to have garnered coverage from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Elle, and other high-profile publications.

The Williams sisters are just two of many millions of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and everyday content creators who must stand out and creatively express themselves to grow their brands and audiences. More and more, we stand out today by expressing our unique perspective — through a beautiful social post, a compelling short video, an eye-grabbing poster. The average internet user spends approximately 145 minutes per day engaged with social media. Founder-led brands and influencers connect directly with consumers on social channels. In this environment, new businesses, causes, careers, and passions must find and engage their audiences with incredible multi-media content. Increasingly today, creative expression is the path to realizing our full potential.

And that means that the ability to create must be accessible to everyone. Our mission at Adobe is to enable creativity for all. To realize that goal, we are expanding our set of creative applications.

Introducing Adobe Express

Today, we are launching Adobe Express, a quick and easy web and mobile app that’s perfect for a tattoo artist sharing his latest design, a clothing designer advertising her latest pop-up, a student creating an interactive history report, a real estate agent marketing his newest listing, or an aspiring musician posting about her upcoming performance.

The vast library of beautiful templates in Adobe Express makes it easy to start a new project.

Adobe Express draws on our decades of experience working with the creative community. It makes the core technology in our industry-leading products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro available with just a few clicks — and with no learning curve. And whether your goal is to make a flyer, edit an image, or produce marketing assets, you don’t have to start from scratch — Adobe Express gives you access to thousands of beautiful templates, millions of images from Adobe Stock, thousands of fonts, and many more assets that you can personalize to tell your story.

The web is rapidly becoming a powerful platform for creativity and Adobe Express takes full advantage to make the act of expression available anywhere, anytime and to facilitate easy collaboration.

With Adobe Express, you can remove the background from an image with just a click.

Adobe Express is an app that only Adobe could develop because it takes some of the magic from our professional creative technology and makes it accessible to anyone. With Quick Actions, for instance, you can remove the background from an image, trim a video, or create a meme-ready GIF with just a click. And to keep you super-productive, we’ve incorporated the power to convert and export PDFs from Adobe Acrobat.

Intuitive, intelligent search makes it simple to find the right assets for your project.

Adobe Express offers access to literally millions of photos, fonts, templates, graphics, and other assets that give you a headstart on any project. Finding what you need is easy through intuitive, intelligent search. And our assets are easy to remix. If you find a graphic you love, you can swap in your own image and Adobe Express will automatically apply all the filters and effects from the original graphic.

If you find a graphic you love, you can swap in your own image and keep all the filters and effects from the original.

For most people today, creativity isn’t a solo endeavor. You work with your business partners on a set of projects that all share your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos. With Creative Cloud Libraries, you can share all the elements of your brand with all your teammates — and apply those elements to your work with just a few clicks.

Adobe recently announced our intention to acquire ContentCal, a platform which makes it easy for anyone to schedule, publish, and manage their social media content. We’ve integrated those capabilities into Adobe Express.

Adobe Express is perfect for people with no creative training. But it’s also a great addition to the toolkit of creative professionals. If you just want to make a social media post, produce a simple flyer, resize an image, or craft a quick thumbnail image for your Premiere Pro video, Adobe Express is the fast and easy way to go. And Creative Cloud and Adobe Express are connected through Libraries, Shared Templates and Shared Brands, which makes it easy for creative pros to share work with people with less formal training.

Adobe Express features thousands of fonts and tools that make it easy to work with type in your project.

How to get Adobe Express

Adobe Express is free for anyone to use. It’s available today at and in the Apple App, Google Play, and Microsoft stores. Free users get access to up to 1 million images and other assets, thousands of templates, and dozens of fonts. You can unlock premium features, including more than 175 million Adobe Stock photos, 20,000 fonts, and access to additional applications like Photoshop Express and Premiere Rush, for $9.99 per month or $99 per year. Adobe Express is also included with existing Creative Cloud Single App plans of $20.99/month and the Creative Cloud All Apps plan.

With Adobe Express, you can easily apply Photoshop-quality filters and effects to your images.

As excited as we are to launch Adobe Express, this is just the beginning of the journey. We know that what creative people need changes fast, so we’re committed to continuously updating Adobe Express with new features, new templates, and new capabilities – all based on your feedback. So, as you work with Adobe Express, please let us know what’s working, what isn’t, and what you’d like to see in the next version. We are looking forward to partnering with you to develop this new app that truly brings creativity to all.