Spring into business prosperity in the Year of the Tiger

Stylised image of a Lunar New Year Prosperity Salad

Lunar New Year is the perfect time to come together and celebrate new beginnings, new opportunities and prosperity. The prosperity salad, or Yusheng, is traditionally shared during the Lunar New Year period when friends, families and colleagues come together to toss the salad and share good luck and well wishes.

Each ingredient within the salad represents a unique wish for the year ahead. For example, fish represents abundance and carrots for good luck.

At Adobe, we’re ushering in the Year of the Tiger with our own version of Yusheng, including ingredients for business prosperity in 2022.

The challenges businesses have overcome throughout the pandemic have been substantial. Still, we continue to see rapid transformations, new hybrid working models and greater collaboration.

So, to enter the Year of the Tiger with continued courage and conviction, here are four ingredients business leaders need for a prosperous 2022.

Enhance collaboration with technology

One of the key ingredients that leaders should add to their business to make for a prosperous and successful year is greater collaboration through technology. Regardless of the size of your organisation, the way we work as teams has changed significantly. Effective cross-team collaboration comes from having good tools, as well as a strong culture of inclusion and innovation. The new year will likely continue to bring uncertainty and change, and it's the businesses that harness technology to empower seamless collaboration within their teams that will benefit the most.

Automate and augment human capabilities through AI

Adopting artificial intelligence solutions is about enhancing your teams' capabilities. AI is enabling companies to up their game in business productivity, empowering them to deliver exceptional customer experiences by anticipating customer needs, serving relevant content and solutions, and removing friction through automated digital workflows. It's all about augmenting and enhancing creative skills by automating mundane tasks and freeing up resources to complete more human-centric items

Leverage technology to accelerate sustainability

In addition to the productivity gained through digital documentation, the environmental benefits emphasise the need for businesses to reduce paper processes and embrace digital document workflows like e-signatures. It lessens the impact on our natural world and allows businesses to operate in a more streamlined manner.

Create more accessible and user-friendly document workflows

Many of us experienced the limitations of traditional document workflows when we rapidly shifted to remote working in 2020. It’s now clear that workflow automation goes beyond business productivity and is crucial for business continuity. Business processes that rely on handwritten signatures or printouts risk becoming laggards in the digital-first era. Business leaders must dedicate the resources and training needed for digital document processes.

As we head into the Year of the Tiger, it’s time to be bold and brave in the pursuit of business prosperity. From all of us at Adobe, we wish you a happy and prosperous new year.