Organize your financial life with Adobe Acrobat

PDF organization with Adobe Acrobat for Google Chrome.

Get rid of paper clutter and take your business into 2022 with an electronic filing system that actually works. Use Adobe Acrobat online services to quickly organize bill payments, receipts, spreadsheets, and other documents to make your tax season — and year to come — an administrative breeze.

Do it all in your browser

Download Adobe Acrobat for Google Chrome to work with all of your PDFs, right in your browser.

When you view a PDF invoice or billing statement online, it will automatically open in the Acrobat viewer in your browser. You can access all of your favorite Acrobat tools in the right-hand pane. Save the PDF to the cloud, add comments, fill out form fields, add an e-signature, and more.

Merge bills

Acrobat can also help you clear the filing cabinets full of packed file folders from your home office and declutter your email inbox at the same time. Save online bills as PDFs, and then try merging those PDFs with Acrobat. Combine bank statements or electronic bills in a single PDF.

Don’t worry that paper bills will throw a wrench in your new paperless filing system. Just snap a photo with the free Adobe Scan mobile app and add that PDF to your existing bills file online.

With everything in the cloud, you can find and search for documents on any device, so preparing your tax return will be much easier.

Organize it all

You can be kind to your bank account by adding important invoices to a single PDF as you receive them to stay on top of your financials. Try reordering pages to arrange invoices by due dates and rotating receipts that are sideways. Keep all of your credit card statements in one PDF, and use the Highlight tool to mark business expenses as you go, so you don’t have to rely on your memory.

With just one PDF to check, you can pay bills and keep track of your monthly budget without worrying about something falling through the cracks. And it’s easy to find the PDF you’re looking for on the Acrobat home page. You can scroll through recent documents, starred and shared files, or agreements sent to others for e-signing. And you can search all of your PDFs by keyword.

Compress large PDFs

One of the perks of storing PDFs in the cloud is that you can access them from any device. If you find your PDF takes too long to load, it’s easy to reduce the file size. Give the Acrobat Compress PDF tool a try, choosing low, medium, or high compression depending on the image quality that you want.

Convert to — or from — PDF

You can turn almost any file type into a PDF with Acrobat, so if a vendor or contractor sends you an invoice as a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet, it doesn’t have to mess up your bill organization system.

Try the Convert to PDF tool to turn another file format into an easy-to-edit, easy-to-share PDF that you can save to Adobe’s cloud storage and view on any device. And, of course, if you have a PDF you need to update as a spreadsheet, you can convert it to an Excel file with Acrobat.

Add comments

Don’t put too much pressure on your memory. Make notes to yourself, your team members, or your accountant in your PDFs. You can also add highlights, text, or drawings. Sign in to Acrobat online to share files, tagging other people to notify them of updates. Your collaborators don’t need to sign in or download Acrobat to comment within the file. They’ll receive an email notification with a link that they click to start adding their input.

Fill out and e-sign documents

Acrobat can also help you better manage forms, letting you streamline your signature and form-filling processes and end the frustration of the empty ink cartridge. When someone emails you an agreement, use the Acrobat Fill & Sign tool to complete empty form fields directly in the online document, e-sign it, and submit it within your browser.

Get started now

Stay organized, avoid late payments, and stop tax season headaches. Start organizing your bills with Acrobat today so you can hit the ground running in 2022.