Introducing the 2022 Adobe Marketo Engage Champions

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Today we would like to announce and congratulate the 2022 Adobe Marketo Engage Champions!

The Adobe Marketo Engage Champion program is another example of how Adobe creates exceptional customer experiences. Each year a group of the most passionate Adobe Marketo Engage experts from around the globe are selected to play a vital leadership role in the community. During their tenure, Champions will participate in speaking engagements, provide product feedback, and most importantly, share their expertise with the entire Marketing Nation Community.

The program started over 10 years ago, originating in a grassroots effort to recognize top Adobe Marketo Engage customers. This legacy of customer recognition and support continues today with evolving opportunities for meaningful engagement. The Champion program is designed to promote career growth and develop deep connections with users by giving them a voice in the broader customer ecosystem.

These are outstanding individuals who are making a real difference in their professional worlds and helping the entire community grow by supporting fellow users. When Marketo Engage Champions are asked about the difference this program has made to them, they talk about community, relationships, and growth.

Kimberly Galitz from F5 shared, “Being a part of the Champion program has given me access to both opportunities and an extremely supportive community of individuals that have not only helped me grow in my career, but have become a set of lifelong friends.”

Enrico de Leon from Jama Software also talked about how connection leads to individual and community growth: “The Champion program has allowed me the chance to level up my skills within Marketo Engage and my career — but more importantly, it's given me the opportunity to connect with other marketing automation professionals and improve the industry, one relationship at a time.”

Experiences like theirs show how important customer advocacy is. Kevin Lau, global head of customer advocacy at Adobe, talks about how exciting it is “to see firsthand how the things you do for customers actually make a difference in their career and in their own livelihood.” Participants get a lot of satisfaction from gaining the “confidence to make an impact within their own organizations and then be able to mentor the next generation.” Customer engagement creates a cycle of influence and growth that maximizes benefits for the entire community.

The program shows that Adobe is leading the way in a customer-first mentality which is about more than customer service. A customer-first mentality includes investing in leadership development and providing educational resources, certifications, and forums like Adobe Experience League and Adobe Marketo Engage User Groups, where customers can share tips and even job postings. At a time when more people are working remotely, creating meaningful experiences and connections through customer advocacy is more important than ever. In addition to software expertise, these interactions help customers develop skills in leadership, communication, and empathy that are among the most needed in marketing today. The Adobe Marketo Engage Champion Program is a powerful example of how investing in customer growth drives loyalty and retention.

We invite you to congratulate and connect with the 2022 Marketo Engage Champions! Have a look at their content and contributions, and take the opportunity to learn from this treasure trove of talent.