Singer songwriter GAYLE invites fans to celebrate self-expression with her new templates on Adobe Express

GAYLE x Adobe.

We’ve teamed up with Live Nation and singer songwriter, GAYLE as part of Adobe Creativity Tour, to launch our latest community activation, and invite fans to celebrate self-expression.

Creativity is within everyone, and our partnership with GAYLE aims to highlight that anyone can express themselves and show off their true individuality, using Adobe Express.

“Using Adobe products helps me express the world I’ve created in my head. We’re showing my thoughts through visuals using Adobe apps.”


Starting today, fans of the ‘abcdefu’ artist can head to Adobe Express and start remixing with her two exclusive templates — this one or this one.

Don’t know where to start? Use the templates to add fun graphics to your reel from Coachella weekend or use it to ‘green screen’ yourself singing along to your favorite GAYLE song on TikTok. Just make sure to use #GAYLExAdobe when sharing across all social platforms so everyone can check out what you’ve created!

The two available templates (one and two) were designed in close collaboration with GAYLE and inspired by the release of her debut EP, ‘A Study of the Human Experience, Volume 1. Everything from the colors to the patterns and iconography, (house plants included), tie back to her songs and music videos from the EP.

Photos of singer songwriter, GAYLE.

GAYLE is also inviting her fans to go behind the scenes and learn more about how she sees color when creating and listening to music. Having chromesthesia influences and inspires her creativity, specifically with color and design and she wants to share a piece of that experience with her fans. She hopes that the community will be inspired to design their Adobe Express templates based on what colors they hear when listening to her music.

Photo of singer songwriter, GAYLE.

The Adobe Creativity Tour is an ongoing partnership between Adobe and Live Nation, designed to inspire creators and music fans alike to take part in digital creative and community experiences using Adobe tools. Adobe Express makes it possible for everyone, regardless of their skill level, to make something great. From social media posts and stories to invitations and marketing materials, the web and mobile based platform makes it easy to create and share beautiful rich and fun multimedia content.

Start remixing your GAYLE x Adobe templates today and show off your take on GAYLE’s designs. Remember to use #GAYLExAdobe when sharing your designs across all social platforms.

“I hope you can take away that the sky’s the limit. You can do anything you want. You can have any color you want. You can put any picture that you want. You get to customize it and make it into whatever you want,” says GAYLE. “You should download Adobe Express because then we get to collaborate together!”