Use Adobe Express Content Scheduler to manage your social media

Getting great social media content out in the world takes a lot more than simply hitting “publish.” Often you need a tool to plan your content, another for content creation, and at least one more to push the posts live across different social platforms. Today we announced Adobe Express Content Scheduler, a new suite of features in Adobe Express so you can plan, schedule, preview, and publish great social media content across platforms — all from one place.

ContentCal becomes Adobe Express Content Scheduler

The Creator Economy makes it easier than ever for anyone to build an audience and monetize their content, products, and services — and with that comes the need to build a successful social media presence with content that both resonates and stands out with audiences.

In December, we announced the acquisition of ContentCal as part of our commitment to helping individuals, solopreneurs, and small business owners to excel in this economy. Prior to the acquisition, ContentCal was a leading social media and content marketing solution which let users focus on creativity through the automation of social media publishing.

Today, we are rolling out the first round of these social scheduling capabilities — as Adobe Express Content Scheduler – and we’re just getting started.

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Content Scheduler is now available through the Adobe Express premium plan. Individual premium plan users can publish an unlimited number of posts through a single calendar. You can connect up to three social profiles per plan by linking your Express app to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

For full rundown of Adobe Express Content Scheduler features, visit the Adobe Express Blog.