Edit PDFs in your browser with Adobe Acrobat for Google Chrome

Digital image of a laptop using Adobe Acrobat.

As work, school, and personal business continues to happen remotely, any and every shortcut to getting tasks done helps. With Adobe Acrobat for Google Chrome and your Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription, you get the functionality of Acrobat right in your web browser. Open PDF attachments, fill out PDF forms, customize pre-made templates, and more — without leaving your browser.

In this article

  • Power up your web browser
  • Export to Microsoft Word
  • Convert Microsoft Word to PDF
  • Perfect your PDF
  • Make large files easier to handle
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Fill out and e-sign documents
  • Take advantage of the PDF Pack
  • Get started

Power up your web browser

To install the free extension, just download the Acrobat extension for Chrome from the Chrome web store. Then follow these steps.

  1. Click the Chrome menu icon in the upper right of the toolbar.
  2. Click More Tools › Extensions.
  3. Turn on the Acrobat Chrome extension.
  4. Open a web page in a new Chrome tab or refresh an existing tab that has a web page loaded. The extension will be enabled once the web page is completely downloaded.
  5. Click the Acrobat icon in the top right, and you’ll find all of the Acrobat PDF tools in the right-hand pane.

Now you can view PDF files, edit text and images, turn scanned documents into editable, searchable PDFs, and create new PDFs. You can even fill out and sign forms or request signatures.

Export to Microsoft Word

With the Chrome extension, you can access Acrobat online services, where you can convert a PDF in your browser to Microsoft Word in a single click. Your new .DOCX file will appear in your cloud folder. Open it with Microsoft Word and make all the changes you need to make.

Convert Microsoft Word to PDF

It’s just as easy to open a Word document in Chrome and convert it to PDF. From there, you can access all of the Acrobat tools or download the PDF to your hard drive. (You can also convert other file types like Google docs, Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel files, and JPGs and PNGs.)

Perfect your PDF

Make all the changes to your PDF documents that you used to make in the desktop app. Edit text and images, annotate, add comments, organize PDF pages, combine files, request signatures, or sign documents.

Make large files easier to handle

With your subscription and Acrobat for Chrome, you can also reduce PDF file size to enable fast web viewing without compromising quality. Just click Compress PDF in the right pane, and choose High, Medium, or Low Compression.

Protect sensitive information

Add password protection to keep your information secure. Select Share › Protect PDF to add a password. To redact text or images, open the PDF in the desktop app and click the Redact tool.

Fill out and e-sign documents

When you receive legal agreements or release forms, you can take care of them quickly right in your browser window. Open PDF files, fill them out, e-sign them, and send them back, without ever leaving Chrome.

Take advantage of the PDF Pack

If you’re not an Acrobat Pro DC subscriber, you can still take advantage of the Chrome extension with free tools like adding comments, sharing PDFs, and filling and signing forms. Or you can subscribe to the Acrobat PDF Pack to combine PDFs, reorder pages, or convert PDFs to and from other file types.

Get started

You can easily take advantage of Acrobat tools in Chrome — whether it’s with a PDF Pack or Acrobat Pro subscription, through a free seven-day Acrobat Pro trial, or by trying online tools for free.

Download Acrobat for Chrome to start saving time and streamlining your PDF work.