Express your generosity this GivingTuesday with Adobe

Giving Tuesday with Adobe.

As the season of giving approaches, I’m inspired to see how GivingTuesday has grown to be the global movement it is today. Ten years ago, I had the privilege to see GivingTuesday start as a simple idea: an annual day that encourages people to do good. And since then, it has grown into a global movement that aims to inspire hundreds of millions of people to help unleash the power of radical generosity to transform communities and make the world a better place.

We believe that creativity is the great enabler and has the power to create change in the world in big and small ways. Through Adobe Express for Nonprofits, changemakers around the world are quickly and easily making standout content to accelerate their mission, connect with communities, and ultimately expand their impact in the most creative and meaningful ways possible — whether that’s through creating a promotional poster for an upcoming event on the web or a social media post to boost brand awareness on mobile.

Adobe Express is the perfect tool for nonprofits and anyone wanting to show their gratitude this GivingTuesday, and helps you quickly and easily create beautiful social posts, stories, banners and more with curated templates and design assets. Prepare for GivingTuesday campaigns and beyond with the content scheduler feature, to plan, schedule, and publish social media content across multiple channels ahead of a busy holiday season.

Lydia Billings from 100Cameras stated how critical it is to be able to have a tool such as Adobe Express that connects viewers and supporters to their mission directly. “And being able to stitch together those images into a grid and share that as a collection, as a gallery, in a way that literally takes the click of a button just means that our mission and the perspectives of the youth themselves can get out into the world that much more easily and be spread that much wider.”

Hayley Walker from R.O.C.K. declared that “I'm an early adopter of Adobe Express and I love it. I love having Adobe Express for nonprofits. I use it to create campaigns from start to finish. I go in there and I create social assets and with the click of a button, I can resize them for any platform. I can make impact graphics for our campaign pages.”

Adobe Express for Nonprofits is part of Adobe’s long and proud history of providing software to communities and nonprofit organizations to help them creatively tell their stories, inspire action and advocate for change. Global nonprofits can register now for a free one-year (renewable) subscription to the premium version of Adobe Express to create and share visual content that promotes their organization and the causes they support.

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Adobe’s mission has always been to create products that empower people to change the world and we believe that technology can help transform lives, lift-up communities and create a more sustainable future. We’re delighted to continually bring innovative technologies to market to enable our customers, creators and communities to drive impact that creates a better world for all.