Recognizing the impact of Adobe’s employee networks in 2022

Collection of photos of Adobe's employee network members.

Adobe employee network members.

This year continued to be a year of transition, as we adjusted to hybrid environments, reimagined how to stay connected to colleagues, and looked for ways to build global communities. Amidst this transition, Adobe’s employee networks helped strengthen our workplace by bringing people together, helping to create a culture of belonging for everyone, and impacting communities important to underrepresented groups.

In 2022 Adobe employees donated approximately USD $295,000 in personal donations, Adobe matching grants, and Adobe grants during cultural holidays and anniversaries in support of 40+ nonprofit organizations. And employee networks helped drive more than 12,000 employee engagements during events recognizing cultural moments.

Additionally, as part of the Adobe Equity & Advancement Initiative, employee network members helped raise awareness and support for 11 leading NGOs committed to equal access to education and economic opportunity as well as the advancement of human rights.

As we conclude the year, we celebrate our employees who lead and participate in our employee networks and recognize all that they do to support underrepresented communities and strengthen our Adobe for All vision. Here are the 2022 highlights.

Asian/Pacific Islander community

The Asian/Pacific Islander at Adobe (APIA) employee network is committed to driving professional development opportunities, amplifying awareness of diverse API cultures, and strengthening ties across communities.

To honor Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage month, APIA organized events around the theme — Pride. Peace. Power. — to honor their community’s legacy, embrace their own complex identities, and find power in being authentically themselves. This included highlighting employee storytellers Georgie Ma, Julia Allen-Pi'ilani and Roo Yeshpaul Johnson — a cooking session with celebrity chef and author Andrea Nguyen — and a multi-cultural event, in partnership with Indigenous/First Nations at Adobe, spotlighting the artistry of Samoan, Tongan, Māori, Fijian, Tahitian, and Native Hawaiian cultures.

Artwork designed to honor Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage month.

Throughout the year, APIA supported nonprofit organizations including Asian Law Alliance, Asian Women’s Shelter, and Kind Red Packets.

Thank you to executive co-chairs, AJ Aguado and Ankur Mehrotra, for their leadership in advocating for the APIA community.

Black and African American community

The Black Employee Network (BEN) at Adobe’s mission to recruit, retain, and advance diversity at Adobe and across the tech industry by building awareness of diversity issues, facilitating leadership opportunities, and participating in activities that uplift local communities.

For Black History Month, BEN focused on the theme, Joy, Community & Creativity to recognize and celebrate the influence of Black history. Events encompassed employee storytellers including Nicole Bennett and Damon Guidry, a fireside chat with CNBC Anchor Jon Fortt, and a discussion on Black hair and the role it plays in shaping the Black experience featuring Founder & CEO of Naza Beauty, Natanya Montgomery.

As part of the Taking Action Initiative (TAI), BEN members helped host a Global Day of Learning in honor of Juneteenth, including a fireside chat with Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, an Adobe Equity and Advancement Initiative partner — and Jessica B. Harris, award-winning culinary historian.

Artwork designed to honor Black History Month.

Throughout the year, BEN leaders supported nonprofit organizations including Equal Justice Initiative, Museum of African Diaspora, and the Sickle Cell Society.

Thank you to executive sponsor, Karen Robinson, and executive chair, Kimberly Le Deaux, for their leadership in advocating for the BEN community.

Disability community

The Access at Adobe employee network is focused on supporting and advocating for Adobe employees and family members with disabilities. The network strives to advance disability inclusion while raising awareness of the realities employees with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses face at work.

To recognize Disability Employment Awareness Month and International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Access at Adobe provided insights through the theme, We the 15%: Celebrating Our Intersectional Identities, to raise awareness of the 15 percent of the world’s population who live with disabilities and inspire employees to own their identity, break free from stigmas, and foster an environment where everyone belongs.

Artwork designed to honor Adobe Emplyees and family members with disabilities.

The employee network hosted a fireside chat with disability activist Jillian Mercado and an employee panel discussion on how to address their disability and own their identity.

Throughout the year, Access at Adobe supported nonprofit organizations including Disability Rights Fund, GiftAbled, and Inclusion Scotland. Members also partnered with Adobe’s Accessibility team to develop guidelines that strengthen digital accessibility for the broader community and raised awareness of the importance of disability inclusion in the workplace through independent research.

Thank you to executive sponsor, Govind Balakrishnan and executive chair, Rani Mani, for their leadership in advocating for the disability community.

Hispanic and Latinx community

The Hispanic/Latinx @ Adobe (HOLA) employee network advocates for diversity and inclusion in Adobe, recruiting, developing, and retaining Hispanic and Latinx employees while also increasing social awareness and community support.

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, HOLA organized events around the theme, Aquí Estamos (We are here) to recognize and celebrate Hispanic/Latinx heritage and impact. HOLA hosted Hispanic/Latinx leaders including Adobe Equity & Advancement Initiative partner Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) CEO and President Jose Antonio Tijerino who shared how HHF is addressing key issues facing the community and provided guidance on how to serve as a better ally. Additionally, HOLA hosted a panel of Hispanic/Latinx women leaders to discuss intersectionality, and the Hispanic and Latinx community's impact our society and culture.

Artwork designed to honor Hispanic Heritage Month.

Throughout the year, HOLA supported nonprofit organizations including MALDEF, CHAMOS, and United We Dream and partnered with organizations like San Jose State University to support first-generation students from underrepresented communities.

Thank you to executive sponsor, Ibe Ewalt, and executive chair, Antonio Humphreys, for their leadership in advocating for the Hispanic/Latinx community.

Indigenous / First Nations community

The Indigenous/First Nations at Adobe (IFNA) employee network focuses on enabling, empowering, and connecting Indigenous and First Nations people and allies. The community aims to increase awareness and advocacy, recruit and retain talent, amplify voices, and celebrate the heritage of Indigenous and First Nations people around the world.

IFNA observed National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee Week to celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They held employee training and reconciliation for employees in Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about Adobe’s reconciliation efforts.

To honor International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, IFNA organized events around the theme, Connected in Our Stories, and explored how storytelling expresses connections between land and people, how acknowledgment of the past informs the future, and how employees can advocate for Indigenous and First Nations people around the world.

Artwork designed to honor National Aborigines and Islanders Day.

To raise awareness, IFNA supported organizations globally including Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women in the US, Downie-Wenjack Foundation in Canada, Sharing Stories Foundation in Australia, and the First Nations Development Institute.

Thank you to executive sponsor, Heather Devine for her leadership in advocating for the Indigenous/First Nations community.

LGBTQIA+ community

The Pride at Adobe employee network brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ colleagues and allies to actively make Adobe a more inclusive and supportive workspace.

During Pride month, the network hosted a series of events around the theme, Every Color, Every Shade, Everywhere, to highlight how creative expression cultivates hope, restoration, and inspiration to pursue a future that is safe for the global LGBTQIA+ community. For the first time in years, Adobe’s Pride communities were able to participate in Pride marches around the world including Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Munich, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Stockholm, Salt Lake City, Sydney. Additionally, the employee network hosted a panel discussion with queer voices in journalism, showcased global LGTBQIA+ creatives including artists from the Adobe Stock Advocates Artist Development Fund, and helped host a baking competition between Adobe leaders to raise money for organizations advancing LGBTQIA+ rights globally.

Artwork designed to honor Pride Month.

Throughout the year, Pride at Adobe supported non-profit organizations including ACON, Mermaids, OutRight Action International, Rainbow Health, and the Trevor Project.

Thank you to the executive chair, Shannon Brown, for her leadership in raising awareness of issues impacting the LGBTQIA+ community and their families.

Veteran community

Veterans at Adobe (VEN) employee network aims to recognize, appreciate, and support veterans, military service members, and their families through belonging, awareness, service, and education.

In recognition of Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day, VEN supported the community with the theme, Stronger Through Service, as a reminder that we are better together when we serve each other. The network hosted discussions to expand people’s perspectives on military service and the value service members bring to businesses and communities. The panel included leaders from the United Service Organization, an Adobe Equity & Advancement Initiative partner, and a conversation with U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Cari Thomas. In Australia the network hosted: Lessons Learned on the Battlefield with Bill Sullivan, USAF Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) and Salesforce regional director.

Artwork designed to honor Veteran's Day and Remembrance Day.

To honor Memorial Day, VEN hosted Col. Merryl Tengesdal (Ret.), the first and only African American woman to fly the United States Air Force’s U-2 spy plane.

Throughout the year, VEN provided counseling to veterans transitioning to corporate careers and raised money for organizations including Fisher House, Royal British Legion, and Blue Star Families.

Thank you to executive sponsor, Matt Wegner, and executive chair, Carol Staub, for their leadership in championing the value Veterans bring to the workplace.

Women community

The Women at Adobe employee network seeks to attract and develop women and allies and to create an environment that empowers every woman to define and achieve her own success. This year the network focused on strengthening women, supporting them through COVID, and promoting allyship and intersectionality.

In recognition of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, the network hosted a global celebration featuring allies and women from around the world through the theme, Women Lead: Work, Home, Community & Beyond. During the celebration, employee storytellers including Marta Sloma, Tanya Kapila, and Andrea Hardeman shared their personal journeys. The network also hosted a fireside chat with humanitarian and activist Elizabeth Nyamayaro.

Artwork designed to honor Women's History Month.

Throughout the year, Women at Adobe hosted learning and listening sessions to address changes in reproductive rights in the US, and regional crisis in Iran and in Ukraine.

The network continued to strengthen its engagement with Equality Now, a leader in global advocacy for women’s rights, and raised money to support the Malala Fund.

Thank you to executive sponsors Ashley Still and Maria Yap, and executive chairs, Renae Fisher, Katy Goodrich, and Kim-Anh Nguyen, for their leadership in helping women at Adobe be successful.

Employee storytelling

During Adobe for All Week, Adobe’s annual diversity and inclusion event, Adobe’s employee network members opened up and shared their personal stories with employees globally. We thank Julia Alvarez, Johnny Boghossian, Pallavi Chatterji, Gabrielle Darko, Jessica Leauanae, Hanna Mroczek, Asit Pant, Ben Popplestone, and Yevgeniy Viller for sharing their lived experiences with everyone at Adobe and helping to expand our perspectives.

By building global communities, celebrating meaningful holidays anniversaries, and supporting underrepresented groups, employee networks made a significant impact on Adobe’s culture and business in 2022. We look forward to what’s to come in 2023!