Adobe streamlines business processes with new updates to Acrobat Sign

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Image credit: Adobe Stock/ amnaj.

In the past few years and with many organizations looking to identify cost savings, organizations have recognized its vital to conduct business digitally for the sake of business velocity and business continuity. As businesses are getting accustomed to digital workflows, the demands get higher to innovate to streamline businesses further.

We are pleased to announce new features available for Adobe Acrobat Sign as part of our March 2023 release. These new features help streamline customer experiences and business workflows.

Modern productivity

Save web forms in progress

Image of Web Forms in progress.

Many forms can be long and complex which may take longer than one session to complete. Web forms in Adobe Acrobat Sign are ideal for turning downloadable PDFs and paper forms into online interactive web forms you can fill and sign right on your webpage. With the new release, you can now save your progress in a web form. When you save, it will send you an email so you can pick up where you left off.

This is ideal when you have long and complex forms that you aren’t able to complete in one sitting. For example, if you are completing documents as part of an account opening, you can reduce abandoning rates by allowing them to start at one time and pickup where they left off from the email sent to them. This is also beneficial for use-cases like:

To learn more about the benefits of using Web Forms, see here.

Lookup addresses when sending agreements

We have now added support for an address book. This allows you to easily search to find the right contact in your organization when sending an agreement. This avoids errors from manual data entry when sending agreements which often may require resending agreements. Search is based on the contact’s name and the email address. If you send an agreement to a previous contact, these will also be searched.

To leverage this, you must be part of enterprise account and provisioned through Adobe Admin Console. For more information see here.

Document Automation

Document workflows are often repeatable business processes within an organization. To help with this, we are adding new features to help you create these standardized workflows to help streamline your business processes.

Streamline processes with new workflow designer for any user

Image of a streamline process with new workflow designer.

To help boost productivity, Acrobat Sign now allows you enable any user (not just administrators) to create their own signing workflows for repeatable processes. The benefits include:

To learn more about how to create a custom workflow see here.

Create advanced workflows with embedded Microsoft Power Automate

Image of advanced workflows with embedded Microsoft Power Automate.

Business processes can be complex. They can involve many different business systems for creation, approvals, and document storage. Document routing can vary based on business process such as dollar value, department, role, and other characteristics.

To help manage this, Adobe Acrobat Sign embeds Microsoft Power Automate to allow you to create complex workflows. The benefits include:

Microsoft Power Automate in Acrobat Sign is provided free to all Acrobat Sign Enterprise customers. Power Automate in Acrobat Sign also includes access to Premium connectors to enterprise applications, which includes connectors like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and others can also be enabled for group level access to Power Automate.

To learn more about Microsoft Power Automate integration, see here.

Security and Compliance

Use Acrobat Sign connectors in Microsoft Power Automate in Government Community Cloud (GCC)

Image of Acrobat Sign connectors in Microsoft Power Automate in Government Community Cloud.

Adobe is dedicated to helping provide U.S. Federal and Local governments with secure ways to build a digital government. Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government offers secure electronic signatures for agencies that require FedRAMP Moderate impact level and is listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace.

To help streamline automated workflows, U.S. Government users can now use Acrobat Sign FedRAMP Moderate connection to create agreement workflows in Power Automate securely and compliantly. This involves user-level authentication and access to the same Acrobat Sign flow triggers and actions as the commercial integration.

This is available to U.S. government users with access to Microsoft Power Automate GCC and Acrobat Sign FedRAMP Moderate.

Final thoughts

As organizations are becoming digital first, they are looking for ways to streamline and automate business processes. We are excited how these new updates to Acrobat Sign will help our enterprise customers increase productivity, and automate complex business processes in a secure and compliant way.

For more information on the release, please see the release notes.