Entrepreneur Mallory Rowan uses Adobe Acrobat to collaborate with clients to achieve their home and business ownership dreams

Entrepreneur Mallory Rowan.

“I want to provide customers with the tools to make small changes that will have a big impact on their lives.”

Mallory Rowan

Mallory Rowan is a small business success story. By her late 20s, she was well on her way to business success in building companies from the ground up: sportwear, real estate, and business coaching. While these companies may seem very different, Rowan sees a common thread of education.

“My companies all lean into the idea of knowledge sharing,” says Rowan. “I provide a lot of free information online so that people can see that their dreams — of owning a home or building a successful business — aren’t really that far off. I want to provide customers with the tools to make small changes that will have a big impact on their lives.”

Most importantly, Rowan believes that people can achieve their goals without burning themselves out. The secret is to have a plan, focus on what’s important, and embrace efficiency wherever it can be found. That’s why Rowan uses Adobe Acrobat and recommends it to her clients as a way to turn administrative work into a quick task instead of an all-day chore.

Entrepreneur Mallory Rowan.

Achieving $1 million in net worth before reaching 30

Rowan was always interested in the idea of becoming an active leader. During high school, she helped organize major events such as prom. While studying journalism at Carleton University, she had jobs in marketing, working with everything from large high tech companies to small startups.

During an entrepreneurship class, Rowan was encouraged to start a business. When she was 22, Rowan and her partner Josh Reyes launched LVD Fitness, a fashion brand aimed at fellow powerlifters. The brand became an overnight success, quickly growing into a global six-figure business. But even as her company soared, Rowan struggled to feel those same highs. Looking back, she can see that she was seriously burnt out.

“I took a step back,” says Rowan. “I still wanted to be an entrepreneur and live life on my own terms, but I needed a better way to do it. A big part of it was recognizing that I can’t do everything, and that’s okay. I needed to really figure out what I wanted, focus on the things that I do well, and grow from there.”

Rowan stepped back into the business world armed with newfound insights. She and Reyes teamed up again to launch Seyer Group, a modern real estate firm that is reinventing real estate in Canada Ottawa. It was named the #1 Social Media Realtor by PropertySpark. Rowan also became a content creator and business coach, focusing on helping fellow entrepreneurs learn from her successes and mistakes to build their wealth without burnout.

Entrepreneur Mallory Rowan.

Finding small changes that have big impact

Rowan finds that the biggest differences for any small business owner tend to come from the least expected places. “It’s often not sexy changes that will make the biggest impact on your day,” explains Rowan. “It’s those little things like the time that you spend going through emails, or trying to remember to do the thing you said you’d do later. You don’t realize how much mental capacity it requires until you remove them from your plate.”

Adobe Acrobat is one of those ways that Rowan keeps herself organized and avoids burnout. Rowan works with contracts regularly: sending contracts to coaching clients, reviewing contracts sent to home buyers or sellers, or signing PDF contracts with advertising partners for her Instagram or TikTok content. But it wasn’t until Rowan explored Adobe Acrobat that she realized working with contracts could be so easy.

“There’s so much extra that you can do with Adobe Acrobat,” says Rowan. “I can track edits, invite someone to add their comments, and request signatures all from one app. It’s probably cut the time I spend with contracts in half because now I have everything I need readily on hand.”

Now Rowan can get all of her work done in one place. Before, when Rowan needed to edit a PDF contract, she had to sit down at her computer, edit the template in Microsoft Word, and export it back into PDF. Now she simply makes the changes directly in Acrobat. When Rowan asks for feedback from a brand on a TikTok script or from her real estate team on an upcoming listing, she can share the PDF using the Share for Review feature to get all of the suggestions, notes, and edits in one location. This cuts out time spent scrolling through emails, while helping to prevent any comments from being left out of a final version.

For someone working on the go like Rowan, the ability to use Acrobat on any device is one of the biggest benefits. “Now when I check emails while I’m out, I can sign contracts or add comments to documents right away. I don’t need to write myself a note to handle it when I’m back in the office. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to my mental load when I can just open the app and be done.”

Entrepreneur Mallory Rowan.

Aiming for success

Rowan enjoys seeing how her insights can open the door for clients, helping them achieve their goals of home ownership or small business ownership faster. “Everyone has a different path to success, but efficiency is good for anyone,” says Rowan. “The more I work with it, the more I learn about how much can be done with just Acrobat acting as an all-in-one stop for document processes. I’ve liked working with Acrobat so much that I’ve started recommending it to my coaching clients.”

Learn more about what Adobe Acrobat can do and learn more about Mallory Rowan’s projects on her website.