Substance 3D: September release news

Images of speakers and headphones created with Substance 3D.

Each month, we’ll highlight the Substance 3D releases – in September, they include Substance 3D Sampler and Substance 3D Modeler. Substance 3D Assets are more accessible than ever before, so let’s dive into the exhilarating world of Substance 3D.

Substance 3D Sampler 4.2

Images of 5 different spheres created with Substance 3D.

The latest update of Substance 3D Sampler offers 3D artists and designers an enhanced material creation process that lets you create accurate PBR materials faster with an improved Image to Material workflow and new AI powered filters.

Image to material

Sampler’s improved Image to Material makes it easier than ever to quickly create high-quality photo realistic PBR materials from a single image. The new AI-powered tool uses different algorithms tailored to various material categories like plastic, ground, fabric, wood, and more. This provides highly specialized and accurate results that you can further refine to suit your project's needs.

Upscale filter and layers resolution

Whether you’re in entertainment or design, designers often must create materials from low-resolution source files, especially when using images found online or generative AI created images. Often these images require more detail and sharpness to effectively create materials for use in 3D.

With Sampler’s new Upscale filter, you can increase your material map’s resolution by multiple factors as well as increase the level of detail and sharpness in your resulting material.

Upscale in combination with the new ability to set your material resolution per layer, makes it easier and faster to create high-quality and realistic materials even from lower resolution or generated images.

Substance 3D Modeler 1.4

Images of sea turtles created with Substance 3D.

Modeler has received updates across the application to improve useability, performance, and integration within the 3D pipeline.

Reference images in VR

You can now immerse yourself with reference images for accuracy, inspiration, or both when modelling in VR. This highly requested feature makes it possible to drag and drop images into your 3D scene and use them for reference when working within your VR workspace. These images can be used as concept art, inspiration, or visual guides for the 3D design in Modeler.

Learn more here.

Enhanced import & export

This latest Modeler release also features enhanced import and export capabilities. With import, instanced meshes are now preserved. And when exporting, Modeler scenes now offer significant quality improvements including sealed UV seams to prevent mesh splitting, color support for quad exports, and generally enhanced quality and performance.

Learn more here.

Substance 3D assets update

Designers can now access the entire Substance 3D Assets library from Creative Cloud Desktop allowing you to view and download all the materials, 3D models and lights from Substance 3D Assets. You can even send your chosen asset directly into your Substance 3D application with a single button click. This new workflow gives you a more integrated and coherent Adobe experience when browsing for 3D assets, making it possible to search for materials, models and lights without having to launch a web browser to access the Substance 3D Assets library.

Substance at Adobe Max

Colorful Adobe MAX logo created with Substance 3D.

Join us at Adobe MAX 2023 in Los Angeles this October to get inspired and learn new skills from leading designers and Adobe experts who have integrated Adobe Substance 3D into their creative workflows. We’ll be bringing together graphic designers, Illustrators, motion graphics designers, and product designers from around the globe for sessions on how to unlock the power of 3D in design and drive creative careers to new heights.

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