Generation AI: Reimagining creativity with generative AI

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Generative AI is unlocking creativity for everyone, enabling anyone to bring their imagination to life. We’re entering a new era of creativity and the opportunities are endless.

Creative workflows are being completely reinvented. Ideation and initial concepting can be done just by telling generative AI what you want to create. Styles, colours, textures, backgrounds, and so much more can be chopped and changed at the drop of the hat to take designs in completely new and fresh directions.

We spoke to visionary thinkers at TEDx Sydney to get their thoughts on how Gen AI is shaping creativity, and how it might reimagine the future.

Unlocking creative expression

Sustainability consultant Ross Harding works with developers and government to help design buildings and communities that have zero environmental impact.

For he and his team, one of the biggest challenges they face is helping people understand and visualise what zero-impact developments can actually look like and the various components that will bring them to life.

He says the ability for generative AI to help people visualise what a sustainable future looks like on a more personal level will help make a sustainable future a reality.

“The idea of being able to generate lots of ideas and visuals for certain things in a fast way is pretty exciting,” Harding says.

Space engineer Sarah Cannard is also excited by the opportunity generative AI will create to visualise the out-of-this-world wonders of space through machine learning built on real images and data captured by astronauts.

“Space is complicated, and we do a lot of deep tech development and trying to communicate that to the general public is just it’s almost near impossible,” she says.

“Having the ability to visualise that in something that the general public can understand, I think would be pretty cool to get that message out.”

The new tool in the toolbox

Creatives shouldn’t fear the emergence of new technology like generative AI, says Dr Seyedali Mirjalili, professor of artificial intelligence at Torrens University. He says Gen AI should be seen as just another tool at our disposal, much like calculators and computers are now part of our workflows.

Quote from Dr Seyedali Mirjalili, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Torrens University: "AI can explore a lot of possibilities that we can't do as humans."

“Don’t be intimidated by this technology. It’s like being intimidated by the computer now; you can’t stop using a computer. You can ignore it, but then you lose your competitive advantage,” Mirjalili says.

Joseph Couch is co-founder and CTO at Othelia, a generative AI company building technologies to help filmmakers unlock the storytelling process. He says Gen AI will help drive creative innovation.

“The creative industries are dealing with more change more quickly than possibly ever before in history,” Couch says. “It's often been at the periphery of the storytelling process rather than the heart.”

“Whatever tools we use, they are there to uplift our vision of ourselves, to trigger innovation… my passion is giving creators tools that not only allow them to do that but trigger them to do that.”

Pushing creative innovation

Feras Shaheen is a creative who can’t be put in a box. Dancer, designer, digital artist, creative director – the list goes on. He says generative AI technology will push creatives to rely on their brains – their creativity, their innate human skills – rather than their technical capabilities.

Shaheen says technology like generative AI helps break down creative barriers to enable him to focus less on the mundane or tedious processes, and more on the actual outcomes of his work.

“There are some things that don’t affect my outcome or rehearsal process, but they have to be done,” he says. “I think technology gets rid of those things and saves me a lot of time so I can really focus on the experimentation and playing around and not worry about preparation which sometimes takes the most time.”

Quote from artist Feras Shaheen: "Technology pushes creatives to rely on their ideas and brain and not so much on the skill or discipline that they're working with."

While he sees generative AI as a brilliant tool for freeing creatives to dream bigger, he says the one thing “AI will never replace is that human vulnerability of the whole creative process.”

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