Elevate your meetings: Real-time e-signing with Adobe Acrobat Sign for Microsoft Teams, now with Live Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Microsoft Teams, now with Live Sign.

Collaborating on documents is as much a part of work as that first coffee in the morning. These days, it isn’t just about reviewing and signing important documents as efficiently as possible, it is also about reimagining how you connect with customers and employees. At Adobe, we are focused on helping you do your best work from wherever you are. That means bringing world-class documents and e-signature experiences to where people already work — in Microsoft 365.

Combine the trust of an in-person signature with the security of an e-signature

Over the last few years, we have seen how critical e-signatures have become among individuals and companies. With Acrobat Sign in Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Teams, users can author documents, add Acrobat Sign e-signatures to documents that require approval, send for signature, and track the documents in a more secure, authenticated, and auditable way — without leaving Teams.

But at the heart of a number of document experiences are those irreplaceable face-to-face interactions. Now with Live Sign in Acrobat Sign for Teams, you can replicate that in-person signing experience virtually — with an added layer of trust and security that comes with Acrobat Sign.

Use Live Sign in Acrobat Sign for Teams to:

  1. Verify signer identity through Teams to help reduce the risk of fraud. Live Sign uses Team's authentication to identify users and maps them as agreement signers. Live Sign supports all authentication methods and security features available from Acrobat Sign.
  2. Provide customers with a streamlined signing experience — with fewer clicks and applications to avoid distractions and context switching, signers can join and sign from most any device, including mobile. Live Sign provides an opportunity for a more personalized customer experience — no more searching for signing links in email or delay in signing due to customer confusion.
  3. Add clarification and discussion as you are reviewing the agreement live in the meeting with your customer. This open forum can aid in faster signing, since questions and unclear details can be resolved in real-time, avoiding going back and forth in email or text explaining complex agreements.
  4. Leverage the collaboration tool your team already uses, and your clients are familiar with, to sign virtually (signers are not required to have an Acrobat Sign account to use Live Sign).

Try Live Sign for yourself

Learn more about how to use Live Sign here. To start a free trial of Adobe Acrobat Sign* and learn more about how Adobe and Microsoft are transforming the future of work here.

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