All learners and teachers in Wales now have access to Adobe

Graphic created using Adobe Express.

We have been working with Hwb (Digital Learning for Wales) to make Adobe Express available to all learners and teachers in primary and secondary schools in Wales for free — that’s over 1,500 state schools and more than 500,000 users! It’s part of our ongoing commitment at Adobe to make creativity and digital literacy a possibility for every young person, irrespective of their age, background or where they live.

Hwb is a countrywide platform of online educational tools provided by the Welsh government, and we’re proud to be supporting the government in providing the right tools to support the development of digital skills within schools.

Wales’ Digital Transformation

As the Welsh government’s technology partner, we are supporting it in implementing its digital transformation strategy by enabling access to Adobe Express for Education and empowering teachers and students to use creative technology to their lessons and coursework, such as creating visual essays in English, presentations for a History project or videos for Drama class.

The Welsh government is transforming the curriculum by giving digital skills equal importance to literacy and numeracy and is funding programmes that aim to improve the infrastructure in schools, something that I personally believe is a pioneering move that will bring many benefits to both students and teachers across the country.

This will allow us to more quickly support teachers and students in Wales who are in need of simple-to-use, but effective, online tools, and help with the government’s aim to improve digital skills across the country.

Future plans

This is the first nationwide implementation of Adobe Express globally. To support the adoption of Adobe Express, we are developing a Welsh language version of Adobe Express, along with future expansion plans to encourage further creativity in the classrooms.

Supporting teachers

Adobe Express has and always will be free for education.

Be sure to check out some great tutorial videos to get started with Adobe Express for education today!