New Structure Reference capabilities in Adobe Firefly bring a new level of creative control to ideation

Adobe Firefly image.

Adobe Firefly empowers anyone, at any skill level, to explore, ideate and bring their creative vision to life. It has been one year since we launched Adobe Firefly, our family of creative generative AI models that are designed to be safe commercial use. We’ve been amazed by how our creative community has responded. To date, they’ve used Firefly to generate over 6.5 billion images and counting!

Today, we’re excited to ship a major update to Firefly that will bring users a new level of creative control with the addition of Structure Reference capability in the Text to Image module on the Firefly web application (web and mobile).

The future of creative control: Structure Reference in Firefly

Structure Reference enables users to easily apply the structure of an existing image to newly generated images. You can now use an existing image as a structural reference template and generate multiple image variations with the same layout. With this, we’ve eliminated the trial and error process of having to write the perfect prompt to get an output that matches your imagination.

By combining Structure Reference with Adobe’s Style Reference — another Firefly capability in the Text to Image module, which takes a style reference image and applies it to your prompt — you can reference both the structure and style of an image to quickly bring your ideas to life. These features combine to give deliver a new level of creative control and state-of-the-art visual quality.

Here are a few fun and mind-blowing ways you can use the Firefly-powered Structure Reference capability in the Text to Image module:

Adobe Firefly GIF G

Image using Firefly-powered Structure Reference capability.
Image using Firefly-powered Structure Reference capability.

Adobe Firefly GIF

With Structure Reference, creators can easily modify work, marketers can generate a variety of on-brand images to use across a campaigns, and designers easily create an image layout, as well as the structure and pose of a subject, without needing to find the perfect text prompt.

The Power of Firefly for Ideation to Creation

We built Firefly from the ground up for direct integration into creative workflows so that you can go immediately from ideation and experimentation to creation. Over the year, we’ve natively embedded Firefly capabilities directly into Adobe Creative Cloud applications across Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Express, Adobe Illustrator and Substance 3D. Our mission with Firefly is to develop world-class models across imaging, vectors, fonts, audio, video, 3D and more that will enhance your workflows in our products. We want to deliver a new

Adobe’s responsible approach to AI

Adobe is committed to developing generative AI responsibly with creators at the center, with world-class models that enhance creative workflows — which is why Content Credentials are automatically attached to all Firefly-generated outputs. Adobe founded the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) in 2019 to help increase transparency in the digital ecosystem by promoting wide adoption of provenance tools like Content Credentials, free, open-source technology that serves as a nutrition label for online content. CAI has grown to about 2,500 members of leading tech and media companies, camera manufacturers, news publishers, creative professionals, researchers and more.

The Firefly generative AI models were trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, and public domain content where copyright has expired. Firefly models are designed to be safe for commercial use, and Adobe offers businesses the opportunity to obtain IP indemnification.

The New Structure Reference capabilities are available today in the Firefly web application for free and paid subscribers.