Adobe Express and ChatGPT team up to bring conversation to content creation

With the explosion of visual communication and storytelling, marketers, creators, and businesses of all sizes must create content that helps them stand out in a crowded landscape. However, many lack the time, resources, and experience with creative tools to bring their ideas to life through differentiated content.

Adobe Express was built to address those needs. An easy-to-use, all-in-one AI content creation app, Adobe Express is revolutionizing the way everyone creates standout content. We’re bringing even more creative possibilities to millions of users through our new Adobe Express GPT for ChatGPT on desktop and now mobile, as part of the growing collection of custom GPTs available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, Team and Enterprise.

From chat to standout content in minutes

Generative AI is ushering in new opportunities for creative expression and bringing creativity and productivity together in ways that are more interconnected and complementary than ever before. And with the new Adobe Express GPT for ChatGPT, all you need to get started is an idea and your own words.

From within the Adobe Express GPT, enter a prompt about what you want to create — perhaps a flyer or Instagram post — the subject matter — like an advertisement or invitation; and other pertinent details — like specific colors, preferred imagery, and anything else in your imagination. The Express GPT then searches through a collection of more than 200,000 professionally designed templates from Adobe’s top artists and responds with a collection that matches your request. With a single click on one of those templates, you can take your selected design into Adobe Express for design, editing, exporting, or publishing.

Within Adobe Express, you can “talk to” Adobe Firefly generative AI-powered features like Text to Image to create new images, Generative Fill, which makes it simple to remove or replace objects with a few words and now Text to Template to create one-of-a-kind, fully editable templates with a simple prompt for various outputs such as social media posts, posters and more. You can also access a massive library of beautifully designed assets, including stunning video and multipage templates, more than 28,000 Adobe Fonts, and hundreds of thousands of Adobe Stock videos, music tracks, images, and more.

How the Adobe Express GPT works

Select the Adobe Express GPT: To get started, just click on this link to access the Adobe Express GPT. You can also access by clicking on “Explore GPTs” and searching for Adobe Express in Open AI’s GPT store.

Start with a creative prompt: For both individual creators and brands looking to level up digitally, the Adobe Express GPT can help narrow down the best creative templates based on what you’re looking for. For instance, ask the GPT for help with designing a digital ad or Instagram Reel for an online sale. In the image below, the result shown is in response to the prompt, " Create an Instagram reel for a purple lavender calming lotion brand."

Select the best template for your design: Once you click on the template that best fits your design needs, the template will open directly inside the Adobe Express app on your desktop browser or via mobile with the pre-loaded template. You can start to edit the design or choose to go back to Express GPT and select another template before clicking over to Adobe Express to design, edit and even publish your content to popular social channels.

Firefly generative AI — designed to be safe for commercial use

Adobe is committed to developing our AI technologies responsibly. Our AI models and features are designed in alignment with our AI ethics principles of accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

Our Firefly generative AI models were trained on licensed content, like Adobe Stock, and public domain content where copyright has expired. Firefly models are designed to be safe for commercial use.

Check out Adobe Express

If you’re not a ChatGPT premium user, you can access Adobe Express directly on desktop and in the all-new mobile app in beta. Click here to get started.