Adobe transforms PDF experiences with General Availability of Acrobat AI Assistant

Adobe Acrobat AI assistant.

Since we first launched Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant, the way our customers interact with PDFs and other documents has completely changed. From understanding a document in depth to consolidating and sharing important information, customers are using it to quickly get the information they need in a faster, more focused way on all kinds of documents.

We are excited to see customers using AI Assistant in new and creative ways to get more productive — including leveraging the features with their tax documents. And while how people prepare and file taxes differs from country-to-country, one thing remains the same: everyone faces the daunting challenge of trying to keep up with an overload of information.

Tax preparation is only one example of how people are getting more productive with Acrobat AI Assistant. Knowledge workers are summarizing takeaways and action items from long meeting transcripts and analysts are quickly surfacing and sharing top findings in research reports. Sales teams are quickly locating key information from technical documents for RFPs and learn about customer pain points to inform their strategies and presentations. Consumers are easily finding terms and conditions for warranties in long contracts and agreements and teachers and students are creating study guides.

Today, we’re making the full range of Acrobat AI Assistant capabilities available to customers with free Reader or paid Acrobat for individual plans when they purchase a new AI Assistant add-on subscription. Early access pricing for the AI Assistant add-on subscription starts at US$4.99 per month. Acrobat AI Assistant subscription plans are available on desktop and web in English — other languages to follow. AI Assistant on Reader mobile (beta) is available in English for free for a limited time directly in the Reader mobile app.

Powerful PDF AI capabilities to accelerate productivity and understanding

Acrobat AI Assistant empowers customers to work more productively with their PDFs and other documents like Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts and more. Starting tomorrow, users can open Reader or Acrobat and begin using the features, including:

Introducing new value everywhere where work happens

Acrobat meets people wherever they live and work — whether it’s on a laptop, the web or their phone. And now Acrobat AI Assistant is also available across all surfaces — including Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app (beta) and web extensions:

Building trust in generative AI for PDFs

PDFs are where individuals and organizations keep their most important information. Adobe pioneered and has led the digital document category for over 30 years. Acrobat AI Assistant supplements third party LLM technologies with the same artificial intelligence and machine learning models behind the award-winning Liquid Mode to provide a unique understanding of PDF structure and content, greatly enhancing the quality and reliability of Acrobat AI Assistant’s outputs. Adobe’s custom attribution engine generates citations so customers can easily verify the source of the responses.

Like other Adobe AI features, Acrobat AI Assistant was developed in alignment with Adobe’s AI Ethics processes and has guardrails in place so that all customers — from individuals to the largest enterprises — can use the features with confidence. When working with third-party LLMs, Adobe takes an agnostic approach, selecting best-in-class technologies that address a range of customer use cases. Adobe prohibits third-party LLMs from training on Adobe customer data.

Start using Acrobat AI Assistant today

Whether you’re in one of the many Americans who will be filing their taxes late, a small business owner trying to navigate new regulations for their industry, a project manager who needs to summarize and share information from a huge research paper with their team, a student doing research for a term paper or just someone who needs to find the terms of the warranty for a new refrigerator — Acrobat AI Assistant can help everyone spend less time searching and more time learning.

Start exploring and sign up for your Acrobat AI Assistant add-on subscription today. The $4.99 introductory price won’t last long!