Illustrator on the iPad June 2021 Release: Enhanced Illustration capabilities

Colrfull Illustration of woman in sunglasses.

The latest release of Adobe Illustrator on the iPad introduces enhancements for touch and stylus that enable new and exciting ways to illustrate and create for you and your team, no matter where you’re working.

First up, we’ve added a new option to taper the ends of brushes with Blob Brush Taper for more natural-looking paths and more precision when drawing with your brush. We’re also introducing Illustrator Template support to help streamline your workflow and customize your way of creating. Along with this, we’re introducing Transparency Grid, which allows you to visualize and work with transparent options with ease — no squinting required. Finally, we’re equipping you with additional export options, giving you more control of the final results of your workflow.

Keep reading to learn more about everything new in this release of Illustrator on the iPad.

Blob Brush Taper and enhancements

Another highly requested feature for Illustrators and designers alike, Blob Brush Taper, allows you to taper the ends of brushes and draw more naturally, emulating authentic brush stroke tips. This option now appears when selecting the blob brush.

Learn more about Blob Brush Taper and enhancements.

Illustrator template file (.ait) support

We know you want the freedom to work smarter, not harder. With Illustrator template (.ait) support, you have the option to open and use templates from Adobe Stock and other marketplaces. Use templates to work more efficiently or as a base to customize and bring your unique vision to life. Access the new options when you select Open and Import.

Learn more about using “Illustrator Template Support”, and browse illustrator templates on Adobe Stock.

Visualize artwork with Transparency Grid

Transparency Grid is an excellent addition to the designer’s tool kit, allowing you to effortlessly visualize artwork over a transparent background. Use this feature to distinguish filled, stroked, and transparent objects from the transparent background. You’ll find this setting in Outline/Preview View controls.

Learn more about how to use “Transparency Grid”.

More control over your workflow with more export options

Another top requested enhancement, we are thrilled to bring new export controls to Illustrator for the iPad that give designers more control over their workflow. You can set resolution, choose artboards, and make new selections for export that provide more accuracy for needs like print and screen, such as Share >Export As.

Learn more about “Additional Export Controls”.

Built for you, evolving with you

We’re continuing to build Illustrator on the iPad with the community, thoughtfully designed with iterative feedback and new features requested from designers like you. We have designed the experience of using Illustrator on the iPad so it always blends naturally with how you work. Together, let’s continue to focus on what truly matters: creating incredible work.

Join our community and share your feedback with us on Facebook or Twitter, on our discussion boards, or through UserVoice, where you can create and upvote feature requests and let us know what you’d like to see in the next release.