Create with hundreds of new fonts this holiday season

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is bursting like a holiday roast with new fonts and features. You can now easily create standout content right from any font detail page in Adobe Fonts using Adobe Express, including social content, flyers, banners, and more. Need some more visual inspiration? Explore seasonal typographic templates from the homepage of Adobe Fonts. And recent additions to the library means hundreds of new fonts to play with! Read on to discover new typographic stylings that will rejuvenate your designs.

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New work from Italy

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

All of the offerings in Zetafonts’ first batch on Adobe Fonts support Latin and Cyrillic. A Day Without Sun, Bimbo Pro, and Anaphora Stencil support Greek too.

Founded in 2001 by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Zetafonts is an independent type foundry based in Florence, Italy.

The narrow sans A Day Without Sun and the connected script Bimbo Pro were handwritten with a fine marker, giving them a casual appearance. Written with a textured brush, Adlery Pro is purposeful and energetic. The bouncy interlocking characters of DoubleBass recall the jazzy posters, title sequences, and album covers of the fifties.

Anaphora Stencil’s cut-up letterforms are visually arresting. Use the Extrabold and Fat weights to create provocative stencils for signs and posters. True to its Italian roots, Blackest is a striking serif face with reversed contrast: the horizontal parts are thicker than the verticals. Tarif and Tarif Arabic are drawn according to the same principles but are more subdued, making them a daring option for text.

Legendary faces

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

There is so much more to Verdana and Georgia than the familiar basic system fonts.

Carter & Cone offers typefaces by legendary type designer Matthew Carter. Discover the typographic richness of Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro, which go far beyond the system fonts you may be used to. For Sophia and Mantinia, Carter found inspiration in majestic stone-carved letters from ancient Greece and Rome. Big Caslon FB and Big Moore are contemporary interpretations of foundational typefaces from the eighteenth century. As their names suggest: set ’em big!

Miller comes in a wide range of optical sizes — Miller Text, Headline, Display, and Banner — resulting in an all-in-one superfamily for publications. Carter designed many custom type families, now available to the public, for venerable newspapers and magazines: Stilson for The Washington Post, Rocky for the Rocky Mountain News, and Roster for Sports Illustrated. Effortlessly tackle even the most demanding editorial projects with these versatile type systems.

More Korean type

Two Korean foundries have expanded their offerings on Adobe Fonts.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

DX Korea’s new styles range from clean and versatile to warm and relaxed.

DX Korea has added five more typefaces to Adobe Fonts. DX Ivy Std’s and DX Exptrn Std’s clean shapes are perfect for any situation calling for unobtrusive, clear typography. Thanks to its subtly irregular strokes, DX Spaceflight Std looks casual and upbeat. DX Together Std was handwritten with a pen and DX Ipsaebrm Std with a felt tip marker. This gives both families a relaxed, human feel.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

There’s something for everyone in RixFont’s new additions to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Ten new typefaces have joined RixFont’s collection on Adobe Fonts. Inspired by N Seoul Tower’s architecture, Rix Seoul Station combines geometry with beauty. Rix Super Robot’s oblique, shaded shapes project speed and strength. Dive into the exciting nightlife with Rix Neon Sign. The pixelated Rix Video Game recreates the charm of retro 8-bit video games; typing square brackets and underscores makes words set in Rix Stamp look like rubber stamps.

Rix Freestyle looks like quick, legible handwriting. Use Rix Jongno’s vigorous, serifed strokes to emphasize your words. Rix Hello Twenty’s open characters with rounded stroke endings look warm and friendly. Organic shapes lend Rix Freshman a casual feel. Rix Dictation mimics the efforts of a schoolchild forming the characters with care and precision.

Freshen up your fonts

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Get your baseball script fix with Mark Simonson’s Dreamboat.

If you’ve ever wondered what serif typeface to pair with Mark Simonson’s uber-popular Proxima Nova or its friendly sibling Proxima Soft, look no further than Proxima Sera. The luscious Dreamboat, a sports script with built-in underlines and swashes, lets you create instant logos and wordmarks.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

The sans serif Redonda performs as admirably in print as it does on screen.

Plau’s Redonda is an all-purpose sans serif family with open letterforms and a generous x-height for maximum clarity. Vinila introduces striking ink traps in a geometric sans serif in four widths. The bodacious Olivita has pillowy, bulbous slab serifs.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Whether you prefer your fonts strictly geometric or casually handprinted, The Northern Block has an option for you.

The calligraphic roots of The Northern Block’s humanist sans serif Fagun make it an excellent choice for immersive reading. Kopik is inspired by the architectural hand-printed style practiced by draftspeople in the sixties. Programmers will be delighted to add the personable Paradroid Mono Soft to their coding toolbox. Tondu is a heavy geometric display sans. Mekon combines Pac-Man shapes and tiny keyhole counters, while Waldo reduces its counters to fine slits. Both of these bold, cheerful typefaces look great on apparel, book covers, and posters.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Adam Ladd is your go-to foundry if you’re looking for the opposite of slick, sanitized typefaces.

Adam Ladd’s penchant for organic letterforms is on full display in the textured scripts Active, Bakerie Rough, Highest Praise, and Trailmade — the hand-drawn Farmhand and Farmhand Sans, Inked Balterm, Neato Serif, and Poster Cut Neue — and the worn and weathered Cheddar Gothic, Cheddar Gothic Rough, and Citrus Gothic.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Many of Canada Type’s fonts can be layered to create inventive, colorful typography.

Canada Type’s Lincoln Electric puts a modern twist on classic French art deco display types. Tumba merges two different historic calligraphic genres: the uncial and the blackletter. Sunny Quirkwood lives up to its name with its reversed contrast and funky letterforms. And if you’re enamored of Orpheus Pro’s majestic capitals but lack space, the family now has condensed widths.

Vintage treasures from P22 and partners

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Historians and art lovers alike will be delighted to discover P22’s new offerings.

P22 Type Foundry offers a treasure trove of historical designs, ranging from fonts based on artists’ oeuvres and cultural movements, to facsimiles of antique typefaces and the handwriting of historical figures, to revivals and a few contemporary designs. They’ve added no fewer than 45 fonts and families in this latest batch.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Lanston Type Co.’s rich legacy reaches back to the nineteenth century, with many faithful renditions of mid-twentieth century typefaces in its collection.

Lanston Type Co. offers digitizations of classic typefaces from influential designers like Frederic Goudy, Sol Hess, and Bruce Rogers. The collection includes evergreen designs like the scripts LTC Flash, LTC Swing, and LTC Francis — the book faces LTC Deepdene Pro and LTC Metropolitan Pro — and the serif display types LTC Hadriano Pro and LTC Nicholas Cochin Pro.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Bring the tactile quality of wood type to your designs with fonts from the Hamilton Wood Type Collection.

Hamilton Wood Type Collection continues mining the company’s vast collection of vintage printed specimens and actual wood type. Your Creative Cloud account now includes digital versions of the blocky sans serif HWT Konop, whose letters can be rotated at will — the wide brush script HWT Showcard Script — and HWT Tangent, a peculiar display sans with quirky alternates and nesting variants.

Type from the heart (and hand)

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Laura Worthington equips her typefaces with exquisite swashes and ornaments.

Laura Worthington Type, known for its beautiful script faces, has dropped some new calligraphic styles. Adorn Smooth and Origins Smooth complement their textured counterparts. Azalea also comes in smooth and rough versions. The fine script Bianca playfully dances on the page. Regina’s slanted calligraphic letterforms recall vintage penmanship, and Tiva is a modern script. Sinuous and ornate, Ladybird radiates warmth. Blithe is a happy-go-lucky handwriting font.

It’s not all scripts, though. The soft sans serif Congenial lives up to its name. Elaina pairs a semi-serif and a script — Honeybee is a textured calligraphic serif face. Spooky GrindelGrove and the spiky blackletter Sepian seem to have had a great Halloween.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Sudtipos collaborated with talented graphic designer, lettering artist, illustrator, and musician Agustín Pizarro Maire to create Espiritu.

Sudtipos’s Espiritu and Scrapbooker were entirely drawn by hand. Both families consist not only of diverse typographic styles that complement one another perfectly, but also of impressive sets of illustrations, symbols, and badges from which one can generate endless combinations.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Letterer and calligrapher extraordinaire Richard Lipton pairs his new script fonts with Collier.

Lipton Letter Design introduces two scripts at opposite ends of the spectrum: the flowing high-contrast Dunhill Script and the dynamic upright calligraphic handwriting script Englewood.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Modern Love and LeKick are rooted in calligraphy and hand lettering.

Resistenza is also no stranger to handcrafted typefaces. The bold brush script Modern Love was made for social media stories and inspirational quotes. Whimsical and decorative, Norman Stencil breaks its scriptural serif letters into separate parts, while the lively blackletter LeKick packs a serious punch. Groupie and Oddity Script seem ripped straight from the psychedelic posters and album covers of the late sixties and early seventies.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
Bring the wonder and excitement of comic books to your designs with Comicraft’s authentic hand-lettered fonts.

Comicraft injects your Creative Cloud subscription with pop culture thrills. CC Spills references sports scripts, CC Smash makes a bold impact, and CC Spellcaster will enchant your readers.

Eastern European flair

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Afronaut makes your work stand out instantly, and Raritas’ ten weights with matching italics give the text face an impressive breadth.

With gentle curves and soft features, Capitalics’ calligraphic serif family Raritas turns immersive reading into a pleasant, effortless experience. Sigmund Pro, inspired by Polish road signage, is a versatile sans serif with a twist that looks as good on posters as it does in branding and identities. Wow readers with Afronaut, an exciting, radically modern hybrid that combines elements from geometric sans serifs and delicate scripts.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Suitcase Type Foundry brings the work of iconic Czech artists Jaroslav Benda and Ladislav Sutnar to contemporary digital design.

Rooted in the calligraphy and lettering of the legendary Jaroslav Benda, Benda is a geometric connected script for posters, packaging, publishing, and branding. Simple and direct, and with a strong graphic impact, Ladislav is a digital version of an alphabet by Ladislav Sutnar, a pioneer of modern graphic and information design. Besides these two new font families, Suitcase Type Foundry has also added fun(ky) styles to Orgovan and extra weights to Metalista.

Join the family

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Cy Text reins in the eccentric geometry of Cy.

Their geometric display face Cy is a little too outspoken for text use, so supertype designed a companion for smaller type sizes: Cy Text.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Mark Caneso stays true to his motto “All types welcome” with these new additions to Adobe Fonts.

Higher contrast and calligraphic details make Campaign Serif an elegant, lyrical companion to ps Type’s Campaign and Campaign Slab. The arrival of three new widths — Hoss Round Narrow, XNarrow, and Wide — guarantees that there’s always a Hoss Round to fit any available space. Novel design details make Practical Serif stand out among the currently available slab serifs for general use.

Happy singles

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
Tiller brings old-world charm to modern designs.

Tiller from Fort Foundry was born of Brian Brubaker’s undying love for nineteenth-century ephemera. He toned down the ornamental tendencies of the period to increase the typeface’s functionality.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

MVB Salis’s Regular and Medium weights produce smooth and vibrant text, while the lightest and heaviest weights shine when used big.

With clear letterforms and balanced proportions, MVB FontsMVB Salis is a robust, neutral sans that works well across multiple media.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Sirenia is a friendly display face with organic letterforms and flowing transitions.

Floodfonts channels the legendary Oswald Cooper with Sirenia, a delightful, soft design featuring an abundance of artistic alternates and seductive swashes.

New type from Type Network

Two new foundry partners from Type Network have now landed on Adobe Fonts.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Thinstroke brings virtuoso lettering skills to your screen.

Thinstroke transports the lettering of Tony Di Spigna, a partner in the legendary studio of Lubalin, Smith & Carnase, into the digital space. Take invitations, cards, and packaging to a higher level with the masterful Spencerian scripts DiSpence Script and Spignarian Script, featuring his signature hand-penned hairlines, swashes, and ornaments. DiSpigna Ultra combines those gossamer hairlines with ultra-heavy thick parts to create an impactful titling face for posters and editorial design.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Massilia’s seven weights with matching italics give it a wide breadth. Sigurd is an all-in-one solution for editorial projects.

Based in Lyon, France, Blaze Type starts with two families on Adobe Fonts. The versatile sans serif family Massilia pays tribute to Roger Excoffon’s iconic Antique Olive and the city of Marseille. Inspired by the sharpness of swords, the strength of armor, and medieval lettering, Sigurd is an elegant serif face fit for text and display use thanks to its many alternates and swashes.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Type Network donates its commission on Firdevs to Reporteurs sans frontières (Reporters Without Borders).

Political prisoner Fevzi Yazıcı drew Firdevs (named after his wife) while in solitary confinement in the notorious Silivri prison, 90 kilometers from Istanbul, Turkey, where he has been held for the past six years. Kerns & Cairns’ Dyana Weismann digitized the alphabet, with all proceeds going to Yazıcı’s family.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Bold Monday brings us a book face, an all-purpose sans serif, and a striking titling face.

Bold Monday’s Kristal is a versatile text face with spirited italics, an all-caps inline titling style, and ornaments. Inspired by early nineteenth-century sans serifs but decidedly modern, Nitti Grotesk and Nitti Grotesk Condensed thrive in editorial environments. They nicely complement the original monospaced Nitti and its Typewriter variant. The condensed, vivacious Pilot not only looks great on posters, book jackets, and packaging — it also produces energetic short texts.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Atahualpa exhibits a strong horizontal impulse. Amster Versal Iluminada brings the medieval practice of illustrated capitals to the computer.

With Atahualpa, PampaType flips type design on its side — literally. The horizontal parts of the letters are thicker than the vertical parts, visually propelling words along the line. Amster Versal Iluminada, a font consisting of illuminated capitals, complements the crisp serif face Amster.

New fonts included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Forma DJR and Fit have become true polyglots.

David Jonathan Ross takes his type around the world. After Latin Extended, Cyrillic, and Vietnamese, Devanagari, designed by Kimya Gandhi in collaboration with Ross, is the latest script to join the Fit family. The popular sans serif Forma DJR now also supports Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, and Thai. DJR goes unapologetically over the top with Megabase, Megavolt and Megazoid, three exuberant party animals ready for the weekend.

Start using some (or all) of these delectable new fonts today, and start creating!