Adobe Future Workforce Study: What U.S. employers need to know about Gen Z in the workplace

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Today, Adobe released the findings of its latest Adobe Future Workforce Study, which explores the career motivations and workplace expectations of Generation Z (Gen Z), the generation poised to transform the post-pandemic workforce. The study surveyed over 1,000 Gen Z early career starters working at medium to large-sized companies in the U.S. to understand the perspectives and behaviors that drive the generation’s career decision-making and what they expect from their employers to do their best work. The findings provide an in-depth look at how young professionals are approaching their careers, including views on emerging technologies, career development, company values and corporate social responsibility.

As the newest generation entering the workforce, Gen Z is disrupting the way we work. They are curious about new technologies like generative AI, demand a diverse and inclusive workplace with career growth opportunities, and care deeply about personal and company values alignment and transparency aroud corporate social responsibility initiatives. Companies that want to attract and retain the best Gen Z talent need to be attuned to their expectations and willing to adapt.

Gen Z is cautiously approaching generative AI use in the workplace

Gen Z is often considered to be inherently “tech-savvy,” but many are taking a measured approach to emerging technology like generative AI.

Gen Z aspires to do meaningful work and will speak up

Early career starters want to be change-makers in their workplace and are not shy about using their voice.

Gen Z is hungry for mentorship and development

Starting a new career is not easy and Gen Z believes having a strong support system, including opportunities for mentorship and upskilling, can make all the difference.

Value-driven employee experience tops Gen Z's workplace wish list

Early career starters are seeking workplace environments that encourage them to be their authentic selves. Survey participants ranked work-life balance, feeling connected to colleagues, and equitable treatment as the topmost important aspects of company culture.


Adobe collaborated with Advanis to collect 1,011 responses from U.S. Gen Z (those who are born between 1997 and 2012) who have been working full-time for a medium to large-sized company (750 employees or more) for up to three years. Data was collected from an online sample panel in early September 2023.